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University of Manchester Scholarships 2024-2025

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Even though the University of Manchester is located near one of the oldest surviving universities in the world, Manchester University was founded quite recently due to the merge of two academic institutions. Established in 2004, the University of Manchester is a public research institution situated in the heart of England.

Why should you study in the UK as an international student? At Manchester University, you will learn how to think creatively and also how to act as a team. In addition, you will have a wide range of academic programs in which you can choose, and you will gain practical experience along the way through hands-on research.

To ensure the best academic experience, the class size at the University of Manchester is quite small, which allows students to freely talk with their lecturers and gain in-depth knowledge of their major field. If you want to spend time with fellow international students, you can do just that since the University of Manchester houses international students from nearly 150 different countries. Now, this article will cover some of the best scholarships at the University of Manchester for international students.

How Do I Apply To University of Manchester Scholarships?

As an international applicant, you need to secure some sort of funding to last through your academic program. In order to help applicants with financial needs, the University of Manchester has established various scholarship programs for prospective international students.

In order to be considered for the University of Manchester Scholarships, you have to submit an admissions application to the University of Manchester. Since the admissions procedure is the underlying requirement for most scholarships, we will cover this step first before moving on to the scholarship application procedure.

For undergraduate courses, the University of Manchester has provided a detailed application guideline for international applicants. If you are interested in applying for a graduate program at Manchester University, you can look at the postgraduate application guideline for master’s degrees and postgraduate research. I

Even though you are almost done with high school, you might not be able to apply for an undergraduate program at the University of Manchester since your academic criteria or your language proficiency doesn’t meet the minimum standards. If that is you, you can apply for one of the foundational courses offered to international applicants.

University of Manchester Scholarships for International Students

1. Global Futures Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Annual Stipend ($7,000 ~ $14,000)
  • Degrees Offered: Undergraduate and Masters

Available to both undergraduate and postgraduate applicants, the Global Futures Scholarship is awarded based on academic merit. In order to apply for this University of Manchester scholarship, you should have received a letter of acceptance from the University of Manchester saying that you have been offered a position in either an undergraduate course or a master’s degree program.

In addition, you have to be from one of the following countries: Bangladesh, Egypt, Ghana, India, Kenya, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, United States, or Zimbabwe. If you meet the nationality requirements, you can submit an online application for this scholarship using the link provided above.

Depending on your country of origin, the scholarship value and the duration of the scholarship program are expected to vary. If you want to know more about the scholarship application procedure or about the financial benefits of each scholarship program, make sure to click on the scholarship link in the description above.

2. GREAT Scholarships

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Annual Stipend ($14,000 ~ $20,000)
  • Degrees Offered: Masters

Established by the British Council and GREAT Britain Campaign, this scholarship program at the University of Manchester is awarded to international applicants from the following countries: China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Egypt, Mexico, Ghana, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kenya, and Nigeria.

In addition to the nationality requirement, you also have to be accepted into a master’s degree program offered by the University of Manchester. If you meet all the entry requirements, you can now proceed to our next step, which is the scholarship application. For most scholarships offered by Manchester University, you need to submit a separate scholarship application.

Since you need to submit another application on top of your admissions application, please note down the application deadline for your scholarship program. By keeping track of the dates ahead of time, you will stay ahead of your rivals and probably receive a higher chance of receiving the scholarship by submitting your application early.

3. President’s Doctoral Scholarships

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Full Tuition, Additional Stipend
  • Degrees Offered: Ph.D.

Awarded only to its top doctoral applicants, President’s Doctoral Scholarship (PDS) is an excellent scholarship at the University of Manchester that covers your academic fees and provides an enhancement stipend of $1,400. In addition to the financial benefits, you will be invited to exclusive meetings with the academic faculty to enhance your studies even further.

Open to students from all over the globe, PDS Scholarship Program is awarded to talented students from all ranges of academic disciplines. However, the financial benefits and the entry requirements tend to differ based on your academic preference, so if you are interested in applying for a doctoral program, make sure to click on the scholarship link above.

If you are looking for additional sources of funding for undergraduate programs, you can look at undergraduate funding for international students. For a master’s degree, you can take your pick by looking at funding for master’s courses, and for doctoral applicants, you can take a look at your options in postgraduate research funding.


This article talked about the University of Manchester scholarships, which I hope you found helpful! Apply to this awesome university.

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