2024 Cover Letters: Cover Letter Samples for Scholarships

A cover letter is also known as an “Application Letter” on many occasions. It is an essential part of your job application and additional documents with your resume.

The cover letter for scholarship is a formal document of introduction submitted alongside a resume. The cover letter is also known as an introduction letter, motivation letter, or a covering letter.

When your CV enumerate accomplishments, experience in a specific field, academics, a Cover letter lengthen those set of information to a potential administrator or the one who is in charge of the hiring process that why you are a good fit for any specific job role.

Sample Cover Letter

Scholarship Office,
University name here,
Address and Contact.

To whom it may concern,

I am agreeable to submit my application for the ___________open role at your University. This letter explains briefly why my application is meaningful when it comes to finding the best fit for this role.

I am so excited to be a part of your organization because…

I am confident that i am a good fit for this position as i am well equipped with skills in ………

Grateful for your time in considering my application.

If you have further assistance feel free to contact me.


Best way to Write a Cover Letter

The Cover letter is not a lengthy document and sometimes it’s just a single page. It may contain a single introductory paragraph with a couple of brief sentences. therefore, it’s very important to add some of the important highlights that can attract your employer which allow him to think of you as a suitable and relevant candidate for the position.

A cover letter is necessary. But Why?

Every job usually doesn’t require a cover letter as a section of the job application. Many blue-collar jobs for instance, typically do require a resume and to fill a document that contains some set of questions. Whereas, many applications(for example, any white-collar job, at government or administrative level, etc) need a cover letter to better assist one in the hiring procedure.

Resume enlists with important dates, qualifications, and job titles/company names, which are important as well but they are not sufficient to describe how your experience and abilities in your past job history can add in a productive manner to a new organization, workplace, or job role.

Just in case if you are asked “not to submit a Cover letter” it is totally fine not to hand over one.

In addition to this, if you are using any staffing agency for your job hunt, Chances are they asked you to send a cover letter.

Components of a Cover Letter

The primary information in a cover letter is your contact information phone number and email to make sure you are easily accessible.

  • Company’s detail where the scholarship is open
  • Starting with the greet to the hiring manager/employer(If you don’t have his/her name simply write” to whom it may concern”)
  • The next step is to mention the position you are applying for and you would like to be a part of the company.
  • Here is the section for the inclusion of relevant experiences summary.
  • Another paragraph comprises meaningful examples that how you use your skills and talent in your previous organization.
  • Closing the letter with thank you.

What documents can be attached with Cover Letters?

Resume Builder:

It is a tool that is able to generate a customized and formatted resume that contains academic information, skills, job history, and so on.

Resignation Letter:

A document that clearly states or give notice to the employer that you are going to leave their employment.

Letter of Reference:

This is a letter that mentions the capabilities, qualities, and character of the candidate(from a professional reference).


These are the set of professional references who can authenticate your talent as an employee to the prospective employer.

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