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Personal Statement for Biochemistry

Biochemistry Personal Statement

Personal statement for Biochemistry is an essay to write about yourself and your studies on biochemistry. Students who wish to write personal statement on biochemistry can take help from this example.

Personal Statement for Biochemistry-Example

“For a long time I’ve been profoundly interested in the mechanisms of things. When I was younger, I’d frequently take apart my possessions in an effort to understand their internal workings, before trying to place them back together. As soon as I entered high school, my passion became specifically biologically based.

My most  interests are on the way the human body functions in both healthful & diseased countries and the way we’ve developed from primitive mammals into the dominant species of Earth.

I believe that my college experiences and work placements have allowed me to earn a lot clearer decision regarding the course I want to pursue.

Due to my connections using the Hematology department I managed to acquire first hand expertise about the blood transfusion ward. This enabled me to obtain an insight to the internal workings of the section, and also the significance of cross business alliance.

Additionally, as a consequence of my interest in Psychopathology I’ve managed to detect different biomedical scientists in addition to shadowing a number of the adviser Pathologist where I must watch that the”cut ups” and listen to their own observations.

I like Histopathology as I’m an organized and analytical individual and cells allure to the side of me. In addition to this, I’ve had experience as a Medical Lab Assistant at Haematology and Biochemistry labs for four weeks, where I was able to find a deeper understanding into the intricacies of critical fluids.

I’ve also had practical expertise in Biological Anthropology because of a placement at one of my regional universities. I find that the fact that we are able to tell a lot about an individual and their life in their bones intriguing.

As part of somebody project I opted to restore and catalog two female skeletons, I believe that this was a priceless experience as it enabled me to study the intricacies of the human musculus-skeletal system and that I discovered I had specific interest in osteogenesis.

I believe these experiences helped confirmed my choice to examine the individual anatomy and all of its complexities.

There are a number of different items that I do outside the area of academia. I’ had sung a song in The Savoy Hotel London together with my childhood choir. In addition, I like outdoor athletic activities like rock climbing, mountain biking and gorge walking, biking and skiing.

I believe that in doing such actions I have been able to increase my endurance and stamina, they’ve enabled me to function as both a pioneer and leader of groups.In addition to sporting activities I like volunteering. I’ve helped to educate support and sports in courses at a local college for kids with physical & psychological disabilities and that I also volunteer in a regional Residential Home helping older people with their houses.

I’m also the Course representative in my school Student Parliament in which I assist to encourage the Learner Voice into the Strategic Management Team. Linking my faculty debating Society has assisted me to develop my capacity to think logically and concisely in addition to improving my public speaking abilities and confidence.

If I had been approved to study my preferred class, it would let me pursue my aspirations of a career in Biomedical Science, together with the prospect of postgraduate study in Medicine leading to a career in Histopathology, Endocrinology, Paediatrics or maybe Academic Medicine.”

Note: please do not copy paste it while writing your personal statement. this just an example for your guidance.

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