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Personal Statement: Personal Statement Samples, Examples

Personal Statement for Scholarship?

A personal/individual statement is similar to a brief reflective essay you write about “why you are an ideal candidate for your Master’s or undergraduate level course/s you are applying for.

It is an integral part of your program — along with your highest degree and transcripts, that should be provided to the admissions office in the universities you apply to, who will decide whether to provide you a space in that university or not.

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How long should a personal statement be?

You have a maximum of 4,000 characters and 47 lines to compose your own personal statement. That might look a great deal (or not enough) in the beginning, but your view might change as you start writing and need to note down all fruitful ideas, experiences and skills. It is ideal to draft your statement and get it finalized in a Word file, then copy this onto your application form’ it’s better to write it before few days so that you can get enough time to proofread it.

How to write a personal statement?

Every institute has its own requirements. Some admissions tutors will suggest that you leave a blank line to separate paragraphs, as any indentation or formatting will be stripped out. Others will argue that every blank line will count as a portion of the 47 lines to perform. So formatting can be chosen according to the requirement of the organization you are applying for.

Your own personal statement should reveal that you are up to date with your subject already, that Is what you have learned, and the way this goes back to the path (and other future strategies). This is referred to as the ABC principle’: Action, Benefit and Course. Keep this in mind while you collect information to make your drafts and re-drafts to write an effective personal statement.

The following six points should be firmly mentioned in your personal statement

Introduction: give a brief introduction about yourself. And why you want to pursue your career or degree in ABC country or institute.

Academics: after a brief introduction about yourself, you need to tell about your academic degrees, achievements, and awards.

Extracurricular activities: In this section try to write about your interest and activities you do other than your academics.

Work experience: if you have any related work experience mention it thoroughly. What it has impacted on your career and what did you learn from that.

Personality: Here you can discuss your personality. What do you like and what are your hobbies etc.

Conclusion: Finally you can tell about after graduating from the university where will you are going to make an impact. How will it benefit you?

Personal Statement Example-Format

Personal statement for Accounting & Finance

It was once I made my first pound at age ten washing my mum’s car which I became interested in the ability of cash. Through the years it became apparent to me that the men and women that understand the financial and banking system are capable of comprehending the choices made by authorities as well as the future of society. I need to be among these individuals. To expand my knowledge of various regions of finance, I’ve read a variety of different publications on the topic – from”The way the City of London Works” into”Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

I feel that reading these novels and magazines has given me insight into subjects not covered at college, for instance how Japanese direction in Chinese factories caused unrest among the workforce because of the Chinese employees’ dislike of the Japanese management style, and this also influenced the share price of companies like Honda. Reading about these matters has made me realize how the topic of Finance and the market affects everyone’s lives and has reinforced my desire to additional examine the topic.

Business Research at A-level has significantly improved my analytical and writing abilities. I’ve especially enjoyed the area of the class which worries the way the company selects financial plans and the way managers choose which aspect of a company requires the maximum investment.

German has enhanced my communication skills and self-confidence and also has made me more appreciative and receptive to other cultures. Together with the logical way of believing I have developed from Mathematics at A-level, I think that I’m well prepared to accept a diploma course in Finance at University.

My part-time job as a secretary in a leisure and sports club has provided me some insight to the requirements of working life. Having worked since May, I feel I’m a capable employee and on account of the character of this job. I’ve learned how to communicate with coworkers, my company, and needless to say, customers. I frequently need to operate independently so I’ve learned to use my own initiative and also the way to become independent – abilities that are of paramount importance if I wish to work from the financial sector.

Since the age of twenty-five, a pastime and a significant interest of mine are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. My prior successes include being the team captain of the National Children’s group, in which we won the Pan Asian group, beating The Philippines at the closing. Balancing my life together with all the rigors of playing a game at this degree has been quite challenging occasionally.

The months and weeks leading up to some significant rivalry are generally pretty stressful, however, as I have been through the experience repeatedly, I’ve learned how to take care of immense stress – and the way to appreciate the success that comes later! Along with this, I’ve learned about dedication and dedication in addition to honor and the way to take care of a significant reduction, as well as how to stay humble in success. The things I’ve learned from Jiu-Jitsu can help me during my entire life; not during University, but throughout my livelihood and long after.

I’m taking a gap year so that I can make some cash so as to travel and to cover some of the expenses of University. I mean to maintain my job as a secretary and to undertake some instruction at the leisure and sports club and, even once I have enough cash, I’m planning to travel around Europe and South America.

I feel this experience will be rewarding as I’ll come to University with increased maturity after experiencing different cultures.

A potential career choice would be always to do something involved with banking or investments – I surely hope I shall not need to wash another car “!

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