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Personal Statement for Archaeology

Archaeology Personal Statement

A personal statement of archaeology is a document that provides an insight on your competitiveness to study archaeology. Given below is an example of archaeology personal statement:

Personal Statement for Archaeology-Sample

“Archaeology plays a vital role in supplying us with critical evidence about our previous, educating us more about the way our ancestors lived. This intrigues me, finding the story behind every artifact and the way it changed who we are as a society now.

It combines two passions of mine, science and history; nonetheless it has the capability to further our understanding a whole lot more than those 2 topics would separately.

During my youth, my curiosity about Archaeology developed because of my enthusiasm for history – as a kid I was fascinated by museums as well as the huge quantity of information which was available about every museum item.

This enabled me to appreciate how long and effort goes in to maintaining our past, and just how essential this job is. Through this experience I was able to joined people who’d studied Archaeology at college; they explained how they analyzed early civilizations, and the way they could run their own study into a specific topic which interested them.

This motivated me to pursue Archaeology as a path to study at college; I need the freedom to explore certain regions of history that interest me, and also be in a position to gather my own proof about previous civilizations.

My A-level decisions were affected by my excitement to research Archaeology, and consequently all my unique topics has generated a set of skills that I could apply to my additional research.

History has developed my curiosity to run my own research – portion of my existing coursework needs me to locate my own resources to add in my article, which gives me more freedom to locate my own proof.

Additionally, my science choices let me comprehend analytical methods that could be put on the discovery of artefacts, like carbon dating. Learning about various methods used to analyse materials has provided me an in-depth comprehension of just how more information can be accumulated about an artifact using science based approaches.

To acquire more experience, I went  through college history lessons – that allowed me an opportunity to become more accountable, and work together with different people whilst sharing knowledge about a topic I’ve a passion for.

Additionally, as a part of my sixth-form council, I now have the chance to solve issues which influence the sixth form, which develops my own communication abilities with my coworkers.

Out of college, I’ve volunteered in a charity home- that enhanced my team communication and work skills along with other employees and with clients developing invaluable skills for when I research Archaeology.

It’s given me the opportunity to become a pioneer of a team; advancing my difficulty abilities and challenging me to think beyond the box.

The Air Training Corps has given me a huge number of opportunities – such as during this past year, I had been chosen to be part of an expedition group moving into the Turkish Pyrenees, attaining the goal of hiking up a 2000m summit in the area. To attain this goal I needed to be dedicated into the expedition, attending coaching weekends and finishing independent research to the region

These experiences have enabled me to become more proud of a personal accomplishment outside the standard school program, thus motivating me to attain over the standard during college and outside, in my future career as an archaeologist.

Archaeology will let me know more about the society that I reside in, and consequently I’ll have the ability to donate to the expanding data available about our ancestors.”


Note; Do not copy paste it . This is just to give you an idea about how to write your subject personal statement.

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