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Personal Statement for Sociology


Personal Statement for Sociology-Sample

“The analysis of Sociology and Anthropology is attractive to me because of the diversity of subjects they cover and their significance to our world these days. In a globalised world, it’s necessary to get a profound comprehension of the political and economic institutions which govern, as well as the cultural foundations and values of its own citizens.


In addition to enhancing my liberty and work ethic, this has provided me lots of valuable experiences living with various families and communities that are deliberate.

The silent life of self-discovery and meditation at a Satyananda ashram was starkly contrasted from the heat and unified idea of this Twelve Tribes community. I had been quite curious in the person histories and experiences that encouraged every member to leave their old lifestyles and join a commune.

This improved my fascination from the intricate relationships within our society, the many forces which could unite people and the ones that induce society to splinter.

My A-level studies developed my skills in analysis and interpretation, in addition to in building reasoned disagreements, particularly in history when assessing the’functionalism versus intentionalism’ debate with respect to the Holocaust.


Classical civilisations improved my love of previous cultures and that I greatly appreciated learning the principles and political arrangements of early Greece and Rome. I’m fascinated by Aboriginal background; the’dreamtime’ production stories and the value of ancestral property to their civilization.

My Spiritual Studies  level introduced me to numerous ethical concepts, such as utilitarianism and Finnis’ natural law concept, and the various viewpoints and concerns in regards to their application in society.

My travels also educated me about the environmental issues facing by todays world,  Especially when I met with a girl from Africa whose dwelling village had been devastated from the exploits of a gold-mining business.

I believe increasing awareness of problems, such as the activities of several multinational businesses, is crucial to maintaining our people and world in an increasingly wealth-driven age. While volunteering for a business in italy, I was motivated by how they utilized artistic actions to promote the community to reflect local issues, in addition to international social, political and economic troubles.

As a scuba diver, I’ve often marveled at the lengths that people go for discovery and experience, and I feel it’s an significant part what makes us individual. I’d be eager to talk about my Experiences in a college diving club.

Meditation has broadened my thoughts to the difficulties facing our planet, and motivated me to explore farther into our roots and the joys of society. After my research, I aspire to function in social welfare and create a significant contribution to enhancing the lives of the others and society.

I’ve always loved and felt convinced in academia and in getting the world out the classroom I’ve been able to verify my ambitions in life, which makes me a very motivated, passionate and dedicated student.”


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