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Personal Statement for Architecture

Architecture Personal Statement

Personal statement is a piece of writing about your self and your work experience, education and related learning. Architecture personal statement is a type of essay you write to motivate a person to hire you for a specific position whether it is for a job or admission in a university. Given below is an example personal statement for Architecture 

Architecture personal Statement-sample

“My program to your college stems from my desire to examine one of the greatest universities in the world and out of my internationalist perspective for a world traveler. Additionally, it ensues in my deep passion for art,architecture, and my dream to be one of those who create the changing skylines that form our towns. Christopher Wren once said,’Architecture aims at life’. I can think of no better way to achieve eternity compared to help make buildings of tomorrow that preserve the thoughts of today.

I sought pleasure, by way of instance, within my environment during my experiences with numerous forms of art-whether it was a building, a person, or a photograph shooting a memory.

I’ve lived in different countries, like Brazil, Taiwan, China, and presently Macau, that has enabled me to reflect upon extrinsic lifestyles and completely immerse myself in different languages and cultures. As I move from one country to another, I catch the pictures of those cultures and layouts through sketches and photographs which I collect in my photo-galleries.

This opportunity to combine my love for art and design using a career is once in a lifetime. Over the last two decades, I have worked at two medium-scale architecture firms across Asia. During my work experience as an intern, I’ve come to realize that design is a distinctive overpass between imagination, truth, imagination, and a world of dreams. I’ve learned that no successful job emerges from a singular idea or individual. Instead, it requires extensive communication with a group of engineers, contractors, advisers, and the staffs working on a construction to achieve the best possible effect. Learning in the collective experience of my team has not only illustrated how every job entails more than simply designing a building, but it has also shown how creating and managing a construction job is logical, organized, and defined.

A home, as an instance, could be indicative of a people, the period it was built, and the way a specific culture functions. From my perspective, a house or building is a projection of so much greater than bricks and mortar; it is the place where people live, work, and socialise. It is also a record of the way we organise and live our own lives. As a designer, I constantly find myself pondering ways to make people’s lives better, both aesthetically and practically.

I enjoy studying languages, and now I have found that becoming multilingual has given me a certain advantage. Besides locating the language study intriguing, I explored London and discovered it to be a fun city with its own blend of the historical and contemporary. besides my studies, I enjoy drawing and attend sketch classes every week to refine my perceptive awareness of still-life topics.

I am disciplined in my approach. I study hard and I am not afraid to take initiative. In pursuit to enhance my drafting skills using industry-standard applications, I have completed many AutoCAD drafting courses and also have been an Autodesk AutoCAD certified practitioner. My dedication, work ethic, and self-motivation let Me try for the greatest potentialStandards.

Contemplating my life adventures abroad and my determination to be the best in what I do, I think I have much to provide your university. My dream is to contribute to a society by introducing a specific sophistication where beauty and harmony coalesce. Moreover, I am social, personable, and also a fantastic asset to any group. Please allow me to proceed and take my schooling and career to this upcoming exciting phase.”

Note: please do not copy paste it while writing your personal statement. this just an example for your guidance


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