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Study Plan for scholarship Application

The plan made by a student to advance in studies by obeying a specific schedule is called a study plan. Usually, these plans tell in detail about the content and duration of the studies along with the extent to which a student has to study. The degree structure of a student helps in making this study plan. This is because it makes the student punctual in studies. One thing to keep in mind is that always update the study plan with progress in the studies. It is this study plan that speaks much about the abilities of the students. This is because no one can explain himself/herself through words. Substantial planning is necessary in this regard.

How to Write a Study Plan?

Writing a study plan is not at all difficult if you have enough information on the paper. It is necessary to organize the information and prepare a rough draft or two of the plan. Address different sections of your plan in different paragraphs. Also, arrange these paragraphs in a logical order to make sense. The most important part of your study plan is the structure of your personal statement and much thinking is needed on it. Always follow the examples and remain concise in writing your plan because only this way you will be able to express yourself. Although English may not be your first language, yet try to avoid grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Writing short and simple sentences may help you avoid these mistakes.

Writing a Study Plan for Scholarship

A study plan is always related to your studies. For example, it would be impossible for you to write a study plan for a scholarship. This is because the study plan tells about the area of study and the purpose behind it. China Scholarship Council (CSC) is one such committee that always demands a study plan. In general, specify your goals in the study plan and also explain different ways to achieve those goals. Revising and refining your study plan is always good once you conclude it. A good study plan should have the following basic points.

  1. Full name of the student making that plan.
  2. His educational level.
  3. Achievements in his/her educational career.
  4. Learning objectives for the next class and the schedule for assignment submission.
  5. The expected results of the study plan.
  6. Goals for future studies.
  7. Outline changes in study habits.
  8. The strength of the students in the field of study.

Goal Setting and Showing Interest in those Goals

  • Briefly Explain your Educational Goals

A study plan always bears fruit if we start by specifying the area of study and the objectives behind it. For example, you can start your study plan by describing the area of study and also the objectives behind it if you are living in China. If your main goals to study are learning the Chinese language and getting a bachelor degree you can start your study plan in the following way.

“The main objectives behind my studies in China are learning the Chinese language and completion of by business graduation. Learning Chinese is necessary because it is going be the world’s number 1 language in the future.

  • Explain Your Choice of a Particular School or Program

You cannot merely disclose your choice of school by saying that it is a good school. Instead, you will have to prove with arguments why you want to study in that particular school and also the area of your studies.

Always make your response personalized. Write about the factors that inspired you to study business and also your thoughts about some particular school that suits your degree.

For example, you can write that you were born in the United States. But, you want to learn Chinese because your grandfathers live in China and also China is one of the fast-growing economies. You can also explain that studying in China will also keep you connected with your cultural heritage and help you develop good relations between China and the United States in terms of business.

  • Postgraduate Students should also discuss their Future Research

Research is much important if you are going to learn a Ph.D. degree. In your study plan, you will have to describe your future plans for conducting that research. This becomes much important if you are doing research in some sociological and scientific subjects.

For instance, is a Ph.D. student you may write about the influences of rituals and ancient Chinese traditions on their culture. You can include literature reviews, the sampling of the Chinese population, and also your interviews with historians.

  • Discuss how your Study will help you achieve your long term Goals

As the study plan includes the establishment of certain goals, you can discuss how your studies will contribute to achieving those goals. This will help the scholarship committee to make a judgment about you. This is because they will come to know about you and your objectives to study business in the school of your choice.

For example, you can express your intention to start a business between China and the United States and learn in China will prove helpful to fulfill your business requirements.

  • Describe your Plans to Meet each Goal

Telling the scholarship committee about your goals is not enough to let them decide about you. Instead, briefly explain them your plans to achieve that particular goal. This is because most of the students fail in their Ph.D. scholarship because they do not have a plan and the scholarship committee thinks that they may lose their way before completion of their Ph.D. program. Thus, discuss your plans to achieve your goals one by one.

For example, as a Ph.D. scholar, you may need several participants. You will have to explain your plans to get those participants. You can tell them that you will attract participants by sending requests through emails and a phone call to historians. You may also succeed in getting participants through advertisement.

  • Talk about your Plans to Handle Obstacles

It is an admitted reality that you may have to face various hurdles during your research program. Therefore, it would be wise to discuss some of those obstacles in your study plan and also describe the ways you will handle those obstacles.

For example, you can say that the language barrier is one of the top hurdles you may have to face. In this regard, you can write that you will work hard to learn the language first. Telling the scholarship committee that you have already started learning the Chinese language may impress them.

  • If you want to use Sampling Strategy, Write about it briefly

The sampling strategy means your choice of a certain population segment that will represent the whole population. The scholarship committee will intend to know your plans to perform this sampling. Therefore, explain to them that you will select the population segment according to the area of your research.

For instance, you can choose various sampling techniques such as random sampling, systematic sampling, and stratified sampling depending on the variables for your studies. If the population is similarly based on your variables for studies, you will use either random or systematic sampling. But, stratified sampling is always good if your population differs depending on the variables for your studies.

  • Try Your Best to be detailed

Although you are not writing a dissertation, yet try to write everything in brief. Especially, write briefly about your objectives of studies and the plans to achieve your goals in the studies. This will help the scholarship committee to reach a decision easily.

Here, one thing worth mentioning is that there is not enough space under the CSC column in the form. Therefore, the experts suggest that attach additional papers to briefly explain your plans and objectives. Never remain confined to that space because it may render you disable for the scholarship.

  • Write a Summary of Your Report

Always wrap up your report by summarizing the important goals and your plans to achieve those goals. Here, you can also mention some of the benefits of the scholarship for the completion of your study goals.

For example, you can summarize your report in the following words. “Thank you for your consideration. If I were selected, I assure you that I will always concentrate on my studies. This is because only the hard work and concentration in my studies will help me to achieve my goal to be a successful businessman.”

  • Proofread your Report

After you have written report, thoroughly read it to remove any errors. Revision may also help you add certain points that you may have missed in your first draft. It would be even better to take the services of a teacher or a professor because they have enough experience of analyzing the reports. Their recommendations may prove helpful in approval of your report.







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