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Personal Statement for Maths and Actuarial science

Mathematics/Actuarial Science personal statement

Personal statement for Actuarial and mathematics is a type of essay where you write about why you actually want to study or pursue your degree in this field

Given below is an example of Mathematics Personal Statement:

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Personal Statement for Maths and Actuarial science-Sample

“Maths is an interesting and unique subject; its sophistication makes it a hard and frequently challenging subject of research, however the logic behind each difficulty leaves a sense of certainty concerning it. My dedication to the topic has increased exponentially, particularly in the past couple of decades. I learnt of this Actuarial profession in a livelihood meeting a couple of decades back and, after exploring to itI was curious at the way Maths might be employed to operate out so much in real world circumstances. How data could be accumulated and an equation made to work out how long a person may reside, or the probability of having an crash, is intriguing to me. The use of Maths in everyday life is something which is contested so much by pupils throughout college, but the degree to which amounts are used is outstanding. When I attended a Mathematics Masterclass for Young Folks at Oxford University, my proficiency for the topic became clear to me through my capacity to learn fast and efficiently which directed me to conclude that Maths could be the ideal level route for me. In 2011 I worked for 2  at a local accountancy firm which helped to understand that Maths is the basics  for many every field  work. It was also beneficial in providing me a view to a professional office.

To my mathematical understanding I’ve read different texts, such as’Fermat’s Last Theorem’ and’Mathematics: The New Golden Age’ that have assisted me to undergo more complicated Maths, very similar to that of college degree. Reading’Truth from Statistics’ by M J Moroney has provided a fresh light to how information is utilized in Maths and has motivated me to have an additional Statistics module for A-Level so as to prepare for the data used at level. I am presently attending a weekly class at Cambridge University on’Probability and Risk’ that is supplying a massive insight and introduction to data on a greater degree and the way that danger and chances are employed to regular situations. Over the last year I’ve seen many organized meetings using an actuarial pricing director for Amlin plus also a former actuary for Equitable Life, both of whom have given me a much deeper insight to the various areas of this profession and what I could expect to do in different places. I discovered this extremely useful because it strengthened my opinion that this profession is the leadership for me and I have the ideal skills and mindset to be successful. This past year I finished a NCFE Level 1 Exploring Enterprise Skills – and being enjoyable, it improved my ability to communicate in a coherent fashion and to operate in a group in a professional atmosphere.

Outside school I like playing volleyball and have competed in several of games and championships  such as round South East England. I also coach Volleyball  that has helped build my communication and leadership abilities. I was also Writer’s Player of the Year 2011 because not just to my skill for a participant, but as a trainer and a nicely loved member of this club. Partaking in those has improved my leadership skills, my ability to operate in a group, and my dream of achieving difficult objectives. I take part-time jobs at a nearby clothing shop and at a restaurant kitchen and consider them to be invaluable experiences concerning the abilities and dedication I have developed . I’ve learnt to cope well under pressure that may be directly moved to my research and helps to manage heavy workloads and produce high regular outcomes.

I’m excited about exploring Maths in greater detail at college and finding the challenges and opportunities which a Maths level will bring in near future.”


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