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Ethiopia Scholarships 2024-2025

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Ethiopia is one of the oldest independent countries in Africa. It is the only country that has not been colonized around the sub-Saharan African countries. That is why Ethiopia has built a strong foundation when it comes to its cultures and tradition. Although the country is inaccessible and unknown to some tourists, Ethiopia still offers an unforgettable experience from its fascinating spots and landscapes.

Ethiopia is also one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. The country is achieving this by strengthening the educational system. Through partnerships and international relations, Ethiopia has acquired knowledge of development. The country has been offering a lot of scholarship grants for international students.

If the host university is not capable of funding students, their partnered organizations are mostly the ones funding the program. With several beneficial activities that Ethiopia offers, it became a good study destination for international students. In this article, we will be looking at the best scholarships in Ethiopia for international students.

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Cost of Living for International Students in Ethiopia

The cost of living in Ethiopia is a time is 1.1 less costly than the world average. International students who are interested to study in Ethiopia are required to have at least 700$ per month. The estimate does not include rent as most of the university offers school dormitories. However, if not, the students must have saved allowances ranging from 800$ to 900$. These are ample amounts to cover all other expenditures.

Are International Students permitted to work in Ethiopia?

International students who are studying at an Ethiopian university are given Student Visa. However, this does not mean that they are permitted to work from the country. Foreign nationals are allowed to work in Ethiopia only if they have acquired a work permit from the Ministry of Labour. If it is a student visa, then they are not allowed to work from the country.

Top Universities in Ethiopia

There are several universities that international students pick as their study destination. In Ethiopia, there are about 36 higher education institutions that entered the Ethiopian Rankings. Ethiopian Rankings is ranked annually to assess universities that are capable of competing globally.

For eligibility, the university must first get acknowledged by the Ethiopian higher education-related organization. They must also pass the criteria that the Government has specified. According to the 2024 Ethiopian University Rankings, the three leading universities are the Addis Ababa University, Jimma University, and Bahir Dar University.

Best Scholarships in Ethiopia

1. NGUC: New Generation University College Scholarship

New Generation University College (NGUC) aims to provide a superior education to a wide range of younger generations. With that, the university established a program that will enable international students to study in Ethiopia. They engage applicants by providing career opportunities and paid work experience on their educational plans. The grant is open to foreign nationals who want to pursue any degree— Masters and Doctoral program. Interested applicants must meet the eligibility criteria specified by the NGUC.

  • Candidates who are applying for a Master’s degree must hold a Bachelor’s diploma. If the candidate intends to enroll in a Doctoral degree, they must also provide an obtained Master’s diploma.
  • Students are required to accomplish the admission process at NGUC.
  • Have accomplished the supporting documents and admission requirements.
  • Candidates must have demonstrated sufficiency in the language of instruction of NGUC.

Grantees from the NGUC Scholarship will receive the award after they have arrived in Ethiopia. All other benefits and coverage from this Ethiopian scholarship will be discussed by the student and university. NGUC has been showing its potentiality to several international students by providing them the best service possible. Currently, there are 19,450 international students out of 47,200 total students who are studying at the university. The scholarship grant is also open to Ethiopian citizens in the country.

2. AMIT Scholarships at Arba Minch University

Arba Minch University is a public university in Arba Minch, Ethiopia. The university aims to engage students to focus on their studies. To achieve this, they are providing several programs to cater to their needs. One of the programs that Arba Minch University has established is the AMIT Scholarship. AMIT Scholarship is a program that offers financial assistance to selected Masters and Doctoral applicants. It is a competitive-based scholarship wherein applicants must demonstrate an excellent academic track record from their previous studies. Interested applicants must meet the eligibility requirements specified by the university.

  • Have completed admission requirements. Candidates must first accomplish the admission before applying for the scholarship grant.
  • Previous transcripts and certificates
  • If English is not the candidate’s first language, they must provide their English Language Proficiency.
  • Candidates have passed the admissible criteria. These are the issued guidelines of the Ethiopian Government under the Engineering Capacity Building Program (ECBP).

This scholarship program in Ethiopia is open to all foreign nationals. However, the applicants must note that African students are the utmost priority of the university. Selected candidates for the scholarship grant will receive various award amounts throughout their stay at the Arba Minch University. Grantees should follow all the policies and regulations that the university will specify as an AMIT Scholar.

3. Addis Ababa University Scholarship through ESIMSAD Project

Addis Ababa University is considered one of the oldest and highly residential national universities in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The university annually welcomes and engages several internationals students through their partnered organizational projects.

One of the known organizations for international students is the Electrochemical Science and Innovative Materials for Sustainable Africa Development (ESIMSAD) Project. The ESIMSAD Project aims to support skilled international students by providing them financial assistance throughout their studies. To be eligible for this scholarship in Ethiopia, candidates must have met the criteria of both Addis Ababa University and the ESIMSAD Project.

  • The candidate must be a national member state of the African Union.
  • Must be a resident in Africa.
  • Have acquired an HEI degree or equivalent.
  • Candidate must have sufficient knowledge of the Ethiopian Language
  • Excellent Academic Track Record.

Grantees from the ESIMSAD Project will receive scholarship coverage throughout their study at Addis Ababa University. The grant is open to all Masters and Doctoral students residing in any African Union member state.

4. Leakey Foundation Scholarship Program

Leakey Foundation Program aims to increase scientific knowledge and public understanding by providing financial assistance to deserving Doctoral students all around the globe. It is a non-profit organization that is committed to promoting human origins through research and education. Students in the field of the program may apply to the scholarship program.

However, they must first have an affiliated school to research before receiving a grant. For international students who want to pursue their research studies in Ethiopia, they must first enroll at any Ethiopian University before applying for the scholarship grant. Besides the field of study, there are no other restrictions specified by the program. Selected candidates for the Leakey Foundation Scholarship grant will receive coverage ranging from $3,000-$15,000.

Larger grants funded up to $25,000 are also given for Post-Doctoral researches. Research scholars pursuing their studies in Ethiopia may receive generous funding from the organization. The research will take place at Awash National Park, Ethiopia.

5. Ibrahim Leadership Fellowship

Ibrahim Leadership Fellowship aims to mentor and support the future generation of excellent African leaders. The program annually offers scholarship grants for all African students who want to pursue their Fellowship Degree in any Ethiopian university.

This Ethiopian scholarship coverage of the Fellowship study will last for 12 months and will receive up to a $100,000 stipend. All fields of studies are available to take under the Ibrahim Leadership Fellowship. Interested applicants for the Fellowship grant must need to meet the specified eligibility criteria:

  • National of an African country
  • At least seven (7) years of relevant work experience.
  • The candidate has acquired a Master’s Degree
  • Not exceeding the age of 40 or 45 for women with children.
  • Any additional criteria from the Ethiopian University they have applied to

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