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The Paris Chamber of Commerce established INSEAD in July 1957. Its over sixty years of history have been marked with remarkable success. It currently has four locations: France, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, and San Francisco. It was an international school from the get-go. INSEAD values its identity as the Business School for the World by embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion. It welcomes students from all walks of life regardless of color, race, nationality, gender preferences, socioeconomic status, and religion.

The Business School attracts international students from many countries with its competitive and internationally renowned degree programs and faculty members. Its diverse network of alumni also contributes to its global prestige. This vast diversity has helped INSEAD produce world leaders in the fields of business and management. Grateful alumni continue to get together to support the future generation of graduates.

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How do I apply to INSEAD Scholarships?

International applicants must first consider the tuition fees and living costs they may incur without scholarships if they plan to study at INSEAD. You may refer to this page for details.

INSEAD offers many scholarships for various criteria such as nationality, diversity, financial need, academic achievement, and social impact. As a result, almost all qualified students who need funding to pursue a Master’s degree at the business school may avail themselves of a scholarship.

Students from non-native English-speaking countries must acquire a language proficiency certificate since all classes at INSEAD are taught in English. Application documents must also be in English.

Applicants must secure an admission interview invite before applying for scholarships. As part of the screening process, interested applicants must write essays to justify their qualifications and necessity for the scholarship. Be sure to write brief and concise answers and limit an essay to 300 words. Tailor your writing to the expectations and requirements of the scholarship provider.

Admitted students or those who hold an offer for admission may apply for more than one scholarship. However, if they qualify for multiple scholarships, they may only accept one.

The Ph.D. program at INSEAD is tuition-free. Students can also receive several other benefits from the business school for a financial-wise worry-free learning environment. Therefore, applicants don’t need to apply for additional scholarships. Instead, they should focus on how to gain admission into the school.

International applicants to the Master’s and Ph.D. programs must take the GMAT or the GRE. Although there is no minimum score requirement for these exams, applicants cannot forgo them since INSEAD requires the test results.

You may find more helpful information about admission requirements to the Ph.D. program at INSEAD on this page.

Be sure to check the scholarship application deadlines for your expected program commencement date. The university or other scholarship providers usually set the deadlines more than a year before starting your program. You may find more details here.

INSEAD Scholarships for International Students

1. Class of MBA ’65 Scholarship for Diversity

INSEAD Class of MBA ’65 has organized this INSEAD scholarship to support students with financial needs to pursue an MBA in the Business School. Applicants must be from developing countries and must show proof of financial need. Successful applicants may receive up to €20,000.

2. Piet and Wina van Waeyenberge Endowed Scholarship

Outstanding female candidates with a background in engineering may qualify for a scholarship worth 13,000. The scholarship provider awards this scholarship to only one successful candidate every year. Applicants from any country who can demonstrate financial need are free to apply.

3. Sam Akiwumi Endowed Scholarship – ‘07D

African students, most especially those from Ghana, admitted to the MBA program at INSEAD may apply for this INSEAD scholarship in memory of Sam Akiwumi, who passed away while studying at the business school. The scholarship is need-based. Applicants must show proof of financial need.

4. MBA ‘03D Endowed Diversity Scholarship

One successful candidate with a unique background and experience who can bring notable diversity to INSEAD may receive a scholarship worth €10,000. MBA batch ‘03D also considers the candidate’s financial need during the selection process.

5. MBA ‘89J Glen Jones Endowed Scholarship

To further support INSEAD’s dedication to diversity and in memory of Glen Jones, the MBA class of ‘89J offers €10,000 to a student currently admitted to or holds an offer for admission to the MBA program regardless of nationality, gender, or academic and professional background. The selection for this INSEAD scholarship depends on the degree of financial need.

6. The INSEAD Fellowship

All international students who successfully gain admission to the Ph.D. program at INSEAD automatically receive a fully funded scholarship. It covers the tuition, living costs, research expenses, a full health insurance coverage.

The scholarship is valid for five years. Annually, the student’s academic performance is evaluated for scholarship renewal eligibility.

7. Christina Law MBA ‘91D Endowed Scholarship for Asian Women

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: €8,000 – €12,000
  • Degrees Offered: MBA

Female Asian applicants at INSEAD may apply for the Christina Law Endowed Scholarship. Additional requirements include financial need, excellent academic achievement, and strong potential to contribute to the applicant’s home country.

8. Indonesian Alumni and Friends Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: €15,000 – €20,000
  • Degrees Offered: Master in Management

Outstanding Indonesian applicants who can demonstrate leadership skills, excellent academic performance, and dedication to contribute to their home country may apply for a scholarship in the MIM program at INSEAD. The scholarship provider will also consider the applicants’ financial needs.

9. Deepak and Sunita Gupta Endowed Scholarship

Applicants from emerging or developing countries who can justify their financial difficulty to enter the MBA program without funding can receive a scholarship worth €25,000 from Deepak Gupta, an alumnus of INSEAD, and his wife, Sunita.


If you want to get an updated list of scholarships that best suit your qualifications, you may visit INSEAD’s scholarship portal.

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