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There are many reasons why international students selected Colombia as their study destination. Although studying abroad can contribute to loneliness and stress, the country has been consistent to provide foreign students different experiences and understand a variety of cultures. As far as the beauty of cultural immersion and climate, Colombia has shown an excellent standing in higher education choices and rankings.

There are many globally-known academic programs in public and private universities which is why it attracted a lot of international students per collegiate year. With generous scholarships in Colombia, this country is also known to have low-cost education and living which is also one factor why studying in the country is a must for every foreign student.

How much does it cost International Students to live in Colombia?

Columbia has a low cost of living which is why an estimate of $1,000 per month is enough for all the living, transportation, and leisure expenses. The overall cost, however, can be much lower than the expected per month basis if the student has well-knowledge in saving monthly finances.

Can International Students work in Colombia?

International students who are currently studying in Colombia are given different types of student visas, depending on the degree they are currently taking— M-9 student visa for degree programs and V student visa for non-degree programs. As per the new rules of student visas, international students are not allowed to work in Colombia.

Three Leading Universities in Colombia

Colombia as a study destination is an advantage since it has the best globally-known public and private universities in the world. The country’s colleges were highly appreciated and respected as they continuously soar several rankings making them eligible to compete to top tier university rankings across Asia and Europe. According to International Rankings, the three (3) leading universities in Colombia are the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, the University of the Andes, and Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Best Scholarships in Colombia

1. ICETX Reciprocity Scholarship Program for International Students

ICETX is a fully funded Government scholarship that offers an opportunity for international students to take up a Master’s, Doctoral, and Special Degree in Colombia. This is open to any students of origin who do not hold a Colombian nationality or are not residing in Colombia. This Columbia scholarship will undergo a competitive selection, therefore, the applicants must strictly comply with the Government’s eligibility requirements. This includes:

  • An average not lower than 4.0 or its equivalent on the Colombian scale.
  • Holds a Bachelor’s or Professional Degree.
  • Must not exceed the age of 50 years old.
  • Had prior admission to at least a graduate program included in the Catalog of Academic Offer General Call 2020.
  • Complied to the ICETX general requirements including notarised documents showing the applicant’s academic excellence and one-year work experience in their field of study.
  • Spanish Language Proficiency

Applicants who will be granted will receive a full coverage of tuition fees, allowance amounting to $2,484 in Colombian pesos, allowance grant for other expenditures, and medical assistance. The duration of stay will depend on the degree chosen—12 months for Specialization, 24 months for Master’s, and 48 months for Ph.D. Degree.

2. Study Abroad Program with ISA Scholarships

ISA Scholarship is founded in a study abroad program to provide opportunities and support for international undergraduate students residing in the United States (US) and Canada. This program envisions to remold students through international experiences and ignite personal development which is why they must select the right candidate to fulfill the educational mission of the program. ISA Scholarships provide study abroad opportunities to several countries including Colombia on the list. The following are the scholarship offers where applicants can select Colombia as their study destination:

  • ISA Go Global Scholarship- A need and merit-based scholarship that will grant only one (1) candidate per academic year. The beneficiaries will receive a full cover of the tuition fee based on the candidate’s selected university and field of study.
  • Castañeda Partnership Scholarship– A need and merit-based scholarship that covers a semester-based payment for the eligible candidate for the program. For this scholarship offer, applicants are free to select their study destination in Colombia. But to be fully eligible, they must accomplish the ISA Budget and Funding form to certify that they have insufficient funds to cover their travel and basic living expenditures.

Those who were granted to study in Colombia shall receive a full scholarship amounting to a total estimate of $200-$5000, depending on their chosen university and field of study. The ISA Scholarship Program is accessible to all international students from their affiliated universities and selected countries.

3. Fulbright Scholarship Program

The Fulbright Scholarship Program offers annual financial grants for United States (U.S.) students who wish to expand their international experiences in several selected countries, including Colombia. The program offers several scholarships with the intent to promote a strong relationship and interactive communication to their partnered countries. To be a strong candidate for eligibility, the applicant must select either one of the three (3) offered scholarships for foreign citizens— The Fulbright U.S. Program, Fulbright Scholar Program, and Fulbright Specialist Program.

Students who are granted by the Fulbright Scholarship Program will acquire a full cover of tuition expenses throughout their study duration in their chosen university in Colombia. The scholarship benefits will last for a month up until a full academic year, depending on what has been agreed on the project timeline. The Fulbright Program is accessible to recent graduates, Master’s, Doctoral, U.S. professors, as well as other skilled young professionals currently studying or have already acquired a degree.

4. Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarship Program

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program offers an annual grant for American students who have shown excellent academic background but has an insufficient fund to cover their living and travel expenses to study abroad. This Columbia scholarship program also aims to provide opportunities for disadvantaged citizens who are under-constitutes in the study abroad program.

To be considered as a strong candidate, the applicant must show excellent academic performance, complete requirements and supporting documents, strong dedication to pursue studies abroad, and a beneficiary of the Federal Pell Grants. Students who are awarded will receive a total stipend of $5,000 to cover their chosen degree and field of study in Colombia.

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