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If you are thrilled by wondrous sunny beaches but are still in search of quality education, Cyprus might be a destination you don’t want to miss! Apart from offering a variety of scholarships to international students, Cyprus provides a unique blend of culture, history, and entertainment.

Being famous for providing a welcoming atmosphere to international students, Cyprus accommodates thousands of enthusiastic scholarship holders a year. Given that thorough research of the opportunities to study abroad might lead students to the inability to choose the perfect scholarship that suits their needs, we have selected the best Cyprus scholarships to make your choice as straightforward and trouble-free as possible.

Living costs in Cyprus for international students

International students who have decided to enroll in a Cyprus university might have the option to choose between renting their own place outside of the campus and utilizing the opportunity to stay within the campus dormitories. However, given that an off-campus solution includes additional expenses, such as utilities and further costs, it might be a better option to select staying within the university accommodation.

The costs of staying on campus and paying for the dormitory might vary from €400 – 600. Additional costs always depend on an individual’s lifestyle. However, most international students spend from 80 – 100 € a month on expenses such as food, transportation, and entertainment.

Can international students work in Cyprus?

If you are an international student in Cyprus looking for a part-time job, it’s necessary to provide a Residence Permit, your classes schedule, passport, and a work letter from the university. However, it is necessary to have in mind that international students are not allowed to work more than 20 hours a week, and it’s strictly forbidden to work full-time without a working visa.

Top universities in Cyprus

Some of the most prominent universities in Cyprus are most famous for the variety of programs they offer, as well as for their quality research institutes.

Cyprus University of Technology (CUT)

A public university in Limassol offers a fantastic research center, and six different faculties: Communication and Media Studies, Management and Economics, Geotechnical Sciences and Environmental Management, Applied Arts, Health Sciences, Engineering and Technology.

Cyprus International University (CIU)

Emerging as a first English-speaking university, Cyprus International University offers a multicultural environment where students can select from a range of majors – from arts and humanities to science and engineering.

University of Nicosia (UNIC)

Famous for its innovative programs, the University of Nicosia provides its students with a modern yet quality education. If studying digital currencies piques your interest, this particular university should be on the top priority of your list!

Best scholarships in Cyprus

1. NEU Scholarships

If you are a recent graduate planning to obtain your masters’ degree or are searching for an excellent Ph.D. program, NEU Scholarships could be a great choice! Granting from 20 to 100 percent of your scholarship, NEU University offers an international, yet, welcoming atmosphere to their students. In order to apply to this Cyprus scholarship, students should make sure to provide their grades transcript, diplomas, passport copy, and reference letters. However, even though the scholarships are valid for 2 academic years, it is necessary to have in mind that depending on the amount of the scholarship granted, students are obliged to publish an article in an academic journal in order to receive their academic credits.

2. Cyprus Science University Scholarship Awards

Apart from offering up to 60 percent scholarship for undergraduates and up to 50 percent for graduate students, its beautiful scenery, exquisite academic staff, and excellent educational quality, highly place this Cyprus scholarship award. Please note that the benefits depend on students’ SAT scores.

3. Cyprus International University Scholarships

Famous for its vast array of major opportunities, Cyprus International University offers scholarships for both graduate and undergraduate students. However, only graduate students whose CGPA is above 3.50 are eligible to apply for Masters’ and Ph.D. programs. They grant a 50 percent tuition fee scholarship to all international students.

Apart from completing the application form and providing their diplomas and transcripts, students are required to acquire an English language competence certificate as well, such as TOEFL or IELTS. Famous for its diversity, Cyprus International University offers Sports Scholarships as well to the individuals who show particular interest and excellent ability to join the University’s sports teams.

4. University of Nicosia – Academic Merit Scholarships

Depending on whether you are a current or a prospective university student, the University of Nicosia offers two different types of Cyprus scholarships. If enrolling in the first year at the University, your eligibility will be assessed according to your High School Leaving certificate. However, when applying for a scholarship as a current university student, your tuition reduction depends on your Cumulative GPA scores. The reduction can go up to 50 percent, depending on the student’s GPA.

5. University of the West Scotland in North Cyprus – Masters Scholarship

If holding a degree in Social Sciences or a related field, you are eligible to apply for this particular scholarship at Cyrpus given that it’s open to students of all nationalities. Minimum CGPA score for the international students must meet the criteria of 2.75. Similar to the other universities, the University of the West Scotland requires its applicants to provide proof of English knowledge level, a copy of their Passports, Bachelor degree, and a transcript as well as their resume. Being given in partnership with the Management Center of the Mediterranean, it provides a tuition fee reduction from 25 to 75 percent.


Whichever choice they make, it is doubtless that the quality of education provided in Cyprus will satisfy the needs of even the most selective students. Offering a wide variety of opportunities in different fields, Cyprus makes the cost of studying more affordable than most of the countries in the world. If you are ready to make the most out of the high-standard study halls and the bewitching scenery, don’t miss out on these Cyprus scholarship opportunities!

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