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Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program 2024-2025

Study in France | Fully-Funded Scholarship for International Students

Deadline January 8, 2021
Opening date October 1, 2020
Days Remaining Closed
Category Scholarships in Europe
Type Fully Funded
Location France

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs established the Eiffel Excellent Scholarship Program to support educational institutions in France in recruiting top-performing students for their graduate programs. The program has two main objectives. First, they aim to train future professionals in particular fields. Second, encourage students from developing and industrialized countries to apply for the available masters and doctoral programs.

The fields of study for both master’s and doctoral programs include political science, law, economics and management, and engineering. Additional fields for the doctoral program are the following: the sciences in the aspects of life, environmental, space, information & communication, and earth, nanotechnology, biotechnology, mathematics, chemistry, and physics.

Value of the Eiffel Excellence Scholarships

1. Master’s Degree

A monthly allowance of €1,181 is granted together with other merits if you receive Eiffel Excellent Scholarships. One of which is transportation convenience in terms of international plane travel (roundtrip) between France and the home country of the candidate. Campus France also grants the candidate two train tickets for the successful candidate.

Apart from plane and train travel, local transportation will also be supported. Up to €50 of the cost of a cab or public transportation from the airport or railway station to the first study site will be recompensed.

With regard to health insurance, those who are awarded scholarships from countries outside the European Economic Area will be covered by Campus France’s health insurance program until the date on which the awardee is officially enrolled in the French Social Security system.

Furthermore, successful candidates shall be mandated to avail of “mutuelle,” a supplemental health insurance plan. Upon presentation of the student’s proof of enrollment, the cost of the insurance will be reimbursed with respective limits set per year. If within 2 months, the student fails to present proof of enrollment to the supplemental health insurance plan, Campus France reserves the right to suspend living assistance and other associated services.

Student awardees may also be eligible for help with the expenses of living outside of student dormitories under specific circumstances, upon production of evidence of payment of the first month’s rent and a copy of the rental contract. This evidence must be provided no later than three months after the lease is signed.

2. Doctoral Program

The Eiffel scholarship provides students with a €1,400 monthly stipend until December 2024 and a €1,700 monthly stipend starting January 2024. Apart from monetary compensation, other benefits are available.

These cover international flight travel. Round-trip international airline travel between the successful candidate’s home country and France. Only one round-trip ticket will be reimbursed, even for doctoral candidates who specify in their application that they would prefer a split scholarship period. Campus France will pay the cost of a train ticket to and from the student’s first study site and a second train ticket to and from the student’s final study site. Up to €50 of the cost of a taxi or public transportation from the airport or railway station to the first study site.

Concerning health insurance, students granted Eiffel Excellence scholarships from countries outside the European Economic Area will be covered by Campus France’s health insurance program until they are formally registered in the French Social Security system.

Additionally, successful applicants will be required to obtain “mutuelle,” a kind of supplementary health insurance. The cost of insurance will be refunded upon presentation of the student’s proof of enrollment, subject to the applicable annual limitations. If a student does not provide evidence of participation in a supplementary health insurance plan within two months, Campus France has the right to terminate living assistance and any related services.

Under certain circumstances, student awardees may also be eligible for assistance with the costs of living outside of student dormitories, upon presentation of proof of payment of the first month’s rent and a copy of the rental contract. This documentation must be supplied within three months after the lease’s execution.

Selection Criteria and Eligibility for Eiffel Scholarship Program

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship is solely open to non-French citizens. Candidates with dual nationalities, one of which is French, are ineligible.

Candidates for the master’s component must be under the age of 25 at the time of the 2024 operation—that is, born after March 1995. Candidates for the doctorate component must be under the age of 30 in 2024 and born after March 1990.

Only proposals submitted by French educational institutions will be considered. These institutions pledge to admit successful candidates to their respective institutions. Other sources of applications shall be disqualified. Any candidate who has been nominated by more than one institution will be ineligible.

The Eiffel Program scholarships are designed for students interested in pursuing a master’s degree in France (including at a school of engineering) or doctorate studies. Only French-recognized programs are eligible. The Eiffel Program is not applicable to programs operated by the French overseas, or in conjunction with apprenticeship or professional training contracts.

Scholarship conflicts to be aware of applications from students who have previously been granted another French government scholarship at the time of application will be rejected, even if the prior scholarship only provided health insurance.

Component of master’s degree. Nomination of a student denied during a prior competition shall be ineligible. No application will be approved, even if it was filed by a different individual at another academic institution or area of study. Previous recipients of an

Eiffel master’s scholarships will be unable to obtain another master’s scholarship.

Component of doctoral study. Institutions may propose individuals for doctoral fellowships if the applicant was previously granted a master’s scholarship. However, individuals who have already received a doctorate scholarship will be unable to obtain another.

Nominations for a candidate who has been rejected in a prior competition will not be accepted, regardless of whether the application was filed by a different institution or a different field of interest.

When pre-selecting individuals who do not speak French, institutions are responsible for ensuring that applicants’ language abilities satisfy the criteria of the respective educational curriculum.

Priority is given to students enrolling in academic programs overseas over those already located in France.

Application Procedures

Interested candidates may get an application form for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship on their official website. Online application submission will begin in September of each year. Students interested in applying should contact the institution to whom they will submit their application to ascertain the deadline for submitting their application materials.

The results are published in March to provide candidates applying to other scholarship programs with an early indication of whether they have been chosen for an Eiffel award. The Eiffel scholarship cannot be combined with any other French government, Erasmus+, or Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie scholarship. In certain instances, chosen applicants are required to forfeit one of their scholarships.

If students decide to renounce the Eiffel scholarship, they must immediately notify Campus France, which administers the program on behalf of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Deadline for Submission of Applications

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship applications close on January of each year.


Please visit the Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence for more details.

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