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Romania Scholarships 2021-2022: List of Scholarships for Students in Romanian Universities Open Now

Study in Romania on a Budget | Best Scholarships in Romania

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One of the most beautiful countries of Europe, Romania, is also a historical educational hub for students. Romania offers rich landscapes, a mix of European culture, and medieval architecture alongside a state-of-the-art educational system. The higher educational institutions in Romania are constantly striving to bring their education on par with other European countries. So, the degrees earned at Romanian universities are accepted worldwide. 

The Requirement of IELTS in Romanian Universities:

The universities in Romania teach in more than one language. With Romanian being the primary language, other languages like French, German, English, and Hungarian are also used as a medium of instruction. If you are a non-native speaker of any of the above languages you may have to prove your language proficiency. 

In case, a student is unable to prove his/her language proficiency, he/she is invited to attend a language course before the start of the program. Fortunately, it is not mandatory to take IELTS to prove your English language proficiency, i.e. most of the universities have their own tests that you can take after arriving in Romania. Even if, you don’t need to learn the Romanian language to study in Romania, learning it is a great way to ensure that you can work in Romania after the studies. 

Working and Studying in Romania:

International students in Romania are granted a residence permit which allows them to work for a maximum of four hours a day. If they wish to work for more hours, they can apply for a work permit. 

Living Costs in Romania for Students:

Romania can be quite expensive to live in. The inflation rate in Romania is the highest in Europe which means that the prices of commodities and staples are quite high. One can live off on 1,000 EUR (around 1,188 USD) a month if they are extremely mindful of their expenses. But, this is just an estimate and a slightly more lavish lifestyle can increase this cost greatly.

Top Universities in Romania:

Five of the Romanian higher educational institutions have made their way into the QS World University Rankings. These are, University Babes-Bolyai, University of Bucharest, West University of Timisoara, University Politehnica of Bucharest, and University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila.

2021 Scholarship in Romania:

Studying in Romania can be quite expensive and scholarships are a great way to minimize that cost. The government of Romania and the Romanian universities offer scholarships to local and foreign students that help them cover their educational expenses. Take a look at our compilation of some of the most hotshot scholarships in Romania. 

#1 Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Awards for International students:

The awards by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are open for international students who belong to non-EU countries. These awards allow them to study for bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. in Romanian universities in the fields of education, administrative sciences, oil, gas, art, architecture, Romanian culture, etc. The winners of the scholarship will be entitled to a tuition fee waiver and free accommodation. They will also get a monthly stipend which will be 65 EUR for bachelor’s students, 75 EUR for master’s students, and 85 EUR for postgraduate and doctoral students. 

#2 Bucharest Summer University Scholarships:

Bucharest Summer University scholarships are open for local and international students whereby the recipients will be able to study a summer course about globalization, business, and management. The scholarship is fully-funded and the applicants are required to submit an essay outlining the Business Model of Europe in 2030.

#3 Transilvania Academica Scholarship: 

Transilvania Academica’s scholarships at the bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. levels are open for international students. The scholarship can be taken up in the city of Brasov, Romania. The scholarships are available in all the subject areas offered by the university. The scholarship offers a monthly stipend of 600 LEU a month along with a tuition fee and admission fee waiver. The recipient will also be offered free of cost accommodation at the university campus. The travel expenses, on the other hand, will be borne by the students themselves. 

#4 New Europe College Scholarships:

Postdoctoral fellowships are open for application at the New Europe College in Romania. The recipients will engage in research projects related to fashion, luxury, and social status. The focus of these areas will be South-Eastern Europe. The fellowship is for about two years during which time the recipients will get a monthly salary of about 2,000 EUR. Since it is a postdoctoral award; the applicants should possess a doctoral degree in a relevant discipline and should have an extensive history of research. 

#5 International fellowships at the New Europe College:

Another scholarship available at the New Europe College is specifically for international intake. It is also a research fellowship that is available to take up in the fields of humanities, social studies, and economics. The applicants should be under the age of forty and should possess a Ph.D. in any of the relevant fields. The scholarship will provide a monthly stipend of 700 EUR, on-campus accommodation, and a travel allowance which will be enough to travel to and from the home country once a year. The recipients who stay at the college for a full year will be entitled to conduct one-month research in an institution outside of Romania. They will be given an additional allowance of 2,600 EUR for transportation and housing. 

#6 The Seton-Watson Grants:

This grant is sponsored by the Romanian Cultural institute whereby the recipients will engage in three-month research related to social sciences, culture, literature, and management. They will get a stipend of about 3000 EUR. This grant is for those foreign students who are enrolled in a master’s or Ph.D. program in any of the above-mentioned fields and are preparing their final thesis.

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