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More than just the beauty of medieval towns, Romania is continuously striving to center its world in the field of education. Its diplomas are recognized all over Europe that is why Romania is a great place for international students to study. They also provide and offer world-class qualifications and intercultural skills to carry.

This is an essential advantage to future employers who wish to find a strong set of character skills and specialties. With Romania ensuring a good quality of education, investing in the country is a good sign of successful steps. Let’s take a look at some of the best Romania scholarships for international students.

Living Costs in Romania for International Students

International students who wish to experience a good quality of education from Romania must prepare an estimate of $1,200 for a month of expenses. Romania is an expensive country to live in as they have the highest inflation rate in Europe which only implies a higher cost of commodities. However, this is just an estimate and only depending on how mindful a student should be of their expenses.

Can International Students work in Romania?

International students are authorized to work in Romania as long as they own a student residence permit. Students with no permit but possesses a residence permit for studying are permitted to work up to four (4) hours a day.

Top Universities in Romania

Romania is known for its highly respected universities, colleges, law schools, engineering, and medical schools. They strongly built a well-known system in education which is why the country confidently offers prestigious degrees —Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph. D programs for skilled students. The top universities that continuously provide strong competition against various institutions are the University of Bucharest, Transilvania University, and the University Politehnica of Bucharest. Two of the top universities—the University of Bucharest and University Politechnica University, are known to be the top public university in Bucharest, Romania. Transilvania University on the other hand soars its ranking as a set of extensive measures of excellence.

Best Scholarships in Romania:

1. Romanian State Scholarship for International Students through Ministry of Affairs (MFA)

The Romanian State, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, opens an annual Romania scholarship grant for international students who wish to study for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degree in any Romanian university. These scholarship grants will be awarded to foreign citizens from all countries, excluding the European Union (EU) member states. The scholarship covers three of the following study cycles:

  • The first cycle refers to the Bachelor’s degree programs directed to high school graduates, candidates who acquired a baccalaureate degree or equivalent, and those who want to continue their studies in Romania. Studies range from 3-6 years, in accordance to their chosen specialization, and require a Bachelor’s exam at the end.
  • The second cycle refers to the Master’s degree programs directed to university graduates. Studies range from 1-2 excluding the European Union (EU) member states. years and require a dissertation exam at the end.
  • The third cycle refers to the Doctoral/Ph.D. degree programs directed to university graduates. Studies range from 3-5 years and require a Ph.D. thesis presentation at the end.

The beneficiaries of the program will be provided accommodation and tuition expenses, medical assistance, and a monthly scholarship. However, candidates except for the doctoral degree must study in the Romanian language throughout the study cyles. These scholarships are open in the fields of education, architecture, journalism, Romanian culture, etc.

2. University of Bucharest: CEEPUS Program

The Central European Exchange Program for University Studies or commonly known as CEEPUS is an academic mobility network that funds international students and teachers in their trips. Signifying the tradition in the European space, CEEPUS annually grants 500 students and teachers who arrive in Romanian Universities for the purpose of studying and teaching within the period.

The candidates who will be granted this Romania Scholarship Program will obtain a monthly grant, free accommodation in student dormitories, covered expenses, and laboratory expenses in relation to the fulfillment of the study program.

3. Transilvania Academica Scholarship

To raise the visibility of Transilvania University and engage more international students to study at the institution, the University implemented the Transilvania Academica Scholarship which is designed and rewarded to all foreign citizens from all countries, excluding the European Union (EU) member states.

The Transilvania Academica Scholarship is open for international students who wish to study for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and P.h. D degree in the University. Those students who are eligible and granted this Romania scholarship will receive free accommodation in student universities, free expense from tuition fees, and a monthly allowance of 800 lei or $170. However, travel expenses and costs to inquire visa in Romania will not be covered by the institution.

4. New Europe College (NEC) Fellowships

Another scholarship that students with Ph. D degrees must look forward to is the New Europe College Fellowships. It is a research fellowship that is open to practice in the field of economics, humanities, and social studies. To be considered as an eligible candidate for the fellowship, the applicant must not exceed the age of forty and should have a doctoral degree in any of the relevant fields provided.

If granted this scholarship at Romania, the student will receive a monthly allowance of 850 EUR, a travel allowance, and on-campus accommodation. The student who agreed to a full year stay at the college will be qualified to conduct one-month research in any institution outside Romania. They will be provided a supplementary stipend of 2,600 EUR for housing and travel expenses.

5. The Fullbright U.S. Student Program

Fullbright is in search of skilled U.S. students and professionals in many fields and backgrounds to study, teach, and conduct research inside the Romanian State. This is to build the ongoing mutual relationship of both countries and come up with solutions to critical concerns of the states. Fullbright covers three programs for international students;

  • Fullbright U.S. Student Program

The program offers an opportunity for recent graduates, artists, post-graduates, and young professionals to conduct a study or teach in Romania. The program will only be obtained through Research Awards and English Teaching Assistant Awards (ETAA).

  • Fullbright U.S. Scholar Program

The Scholar Program is specifically open to U.S. professors and professionals holding a Doctoral degree (or equivalent) who wish to fully render their services to lecture and conduct research in Romania.

  • Fullbright Specialist Program

The program is responsible for promoting linkages between U.S. professionals and host institutions in the Romanian State.


These were some of the best Romania scholarships that are available for international students. Good luck in applying to these!

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