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There are many considerations an international student must recognize to choose the best study destination that will benefit them. In Finland, many organizations target international students who are interested to experience the country’s best and leading educational system.

With over 31,000 who chose Finland as their study destination per year, the country has been continuously finding a way to attract more students by providing and establishing new opportunities in catering to student assistance.

Aside from their prestigious university reputation, many foreign citizens have also fallen in love with Finland because of its vibrant sceneries and natural beauty. It is no wonder that Finland will attract more international students if they constantly develop their services to the students. Here, we will discuss the various scholarships in Finland available for international students.

What is the Cost of Living for International Students in Finland?

Several universities in Finland that offer International scholarships do not include living expenditures as part of their benefits. Therefore, students planning to study in the country must have enough budget to cater to all their needs throughout their study period. International students must prepare a total estimate of €700 – €900 to cover all their living and personal expenses.

Are International Students permitted to work in Finland?

International students who decided to work alongside their studies are permitted. In addition, international students who hold a residence permit and are working under a job related to their field are eligible to work with no limitations. If not, the student must not exceed the maximum of 25 hours per week during their term time.

Top Universities in Finland

Universities in Finland have built a pristine academic reputation amongst their rival states. The country has been trying its best to provide the greatest impact in the world by producing the best and talented professionals who are ready to contribute their knowledge to the global world.

According to the International Rankings, several Finnish Universities are continuously climbing their rank, and some have already built a strong foundation to be one of the top-leading universities. These are the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, Tampere University, and the University of Oulu.

Best Scholarships in Finland

1. University of Helsinki Scholarship Program

The University of Helsinki is known for its high quality of teaching, research, and innovation evaluated to be among the top 1% of the world’s ranking of universities. To share their expertise, the university has offered a scholarship program for excellent international students.

This scholarship in Finland is open to students who want to take a Masteral degree at the University of Helsinki. To be granted by the program, the applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • Must be an eligible candidate for the Masteral degree at the University of Helsinki
  • Must understand that students who do not hold permanent residence in the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) are liable for the tuition fees.
  • Must meet the requirements of acquiring a visa and residence in Finland.
  • Students’ proof of excellence in their previous studies.

Grantees for the University of Helsinki Scholarship Program will receive student union membership fees such as affordable medical care, meal discounts, public transportation discounts, and low prices uniport services. However, as stated in their conditions, granted students for this program will still be liable for their tuition fees and other expenditures.

2. University of Oulu International Scholarship

The University of Oulu annually accepts international scholarship admissions for students who want to pursue Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the university. Non-Finnish qualifications at the University of Oulu require a lot of process and competitive selections. The applicant must certify their proficiency in the English language and other language test requirements depending on the degree they are applying for.

University of Oulu’s scholarship program requires students to pay for their tuition fees if they do not reside in any EU/EEA countries. However, an exemption might take place for this student who:

  • Are equivalent to EU citizenship, such as being a citizen of Switzerland.
  • Have a permanent residence in Finland, either type A or P permit.
  • Have EU residence permit for countries under the third world or a type P-EU permit card in Finland.
  • Are either a spouse, child, or equivalent to a member of a family of an EU/EEA Finland citizen.
  • Hold an EU blue card in Finland.

If the applicant resides within the EU/EEA countries, they are not required to pay the tuition fees. If they are a UK citizen, on the other hand, the university has its own rules and requirements that the applicant must comply with.

Awarded students for this Finland scholarship will receive a tuition waiver covering up to 50%, 75%, or 100% of the tuition fee of their selected study program. Apart from that, the grantees are responsible for financing themselves for other expenditures. These include accommodation, travel, meal, or other living expenditures.

3. Aalto University Scholarship

Aalto University offers one of the best scholarships in Finalnd for talented non-EU/EEA students to pursue their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Aalto University, Finland. Most students residing outside the EU/EEA countries are liable to pay for their tuition fees.

However, students are also encouraged to apply for a scholarship if they think they are a good candidate for the program. Aalto University offers a merit-based scholarship. Hence, the students must showcase their excellent academic background to be selected.

The Aalto Scholarship will be rewarded through a tuition fee waiver that can cover up to 50% to 100% of the tuition fee of their selected study program. Aside from the tuition fee waiver, the students must cover all their living expenditures in Finland.

The grant for this study period can take three (3) years for Bachelor’s and two (2) years for a Master’s degree. Scholarship grantees must finish a full-time study according to the agreed personal study plan.

4. Tampere Universities Scholarship Program

Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences both offer an annual scholarship program for fee-paying international students who wants to pursue a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in the university. The goal is to seek and recognized excellent individuals and help them experience a high-quality yet affordable education.

Tampere University offers a merit-based scholarship and will only be awarded to the most successful applicant throughout the admission period. Students who are interested in this program only need to attach their scholarship applications to their admission documents. The admissions committee will evaluate and assess the credentials of the students on a competitive basis. The committee will then take into account several considerations from the applicants who provided grounds for this Finland scholarship.

The decision will be communicated to the applicant to talk about further details and instructions. The awarded candidates will receive a 50%-100% tuition fee cover on their three-years Bachelor’s program and two-years Master’s program. Apart from the tuition fee coverage, the students are responsible for their living expenses in Finland.

5. University of Jyvaskyla University Scholarship Program

The University of Jyvaskyla (JYU) offers an annual scholarship offer for fee-paying international students who will take up a Master’s degree in the university. This scholarship program in Finland is merit-based and is granted to the most successful international Master’s degree students. Eligible students for this program are those qualified to apply for a Master’s program at JYU and those liable to pay a tuition fee.

Applications for this scholarship can only be accomplished in the same online form in which they will apply for admission. In other words, applicants who have already applied for admission before the intent of applying for a scholarship will not be eligible for the program. Granted applicants for the scholarship program will receive a cover up to 50% to 100% of the tuition fees for two years. However, the JYU scholar must have a minimum of 55 ECTS credits to acquire the scholarship for the second year.

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