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For all the students ready to embark on an adventure, Israel is the place to be! However, apart from the unique experience of touring the impressive Negev desert or riding the waves in the Red Sea, Israel is the home to some of the top-ranked universities, offering excellent quality education to students from all around the globe. Many universities in Israel provide their students with multiple programs in English, which speaks volumes about the welcoming atmosphere in this country.

Known as the “Start-up Nation”, Israel is the heart of entrepreneurship and home to many world-famous multinational companies. If you are a goal-driven, innovative, and creative thinker, Israel is the perfect place for your academic endeavors! We will discuss some of the best Israel scholarships for international students.

Living costs in Israel for international students

Whenever planning to study abroad, accommodation is usually the first thing on students’ list of expenses. If you decide to study in Israel, bear in mind that the most affordable housing option is always the on-campus accommodation and student dormitories.

However, due to their growing popularity and the quality of the academic life they offer, many universities in Israel provide a limited number of facilities. Students often opt for private housing, having to pay from $700-1400 per month. However, renting accommodation with a group of other students will significantly diminish the accommodation costs.

Depending on your spending habits and your lifestyle, your monthly expenses in Israel might vary from $600 – 900. Monthly transportation in Israel is around $60, a restaurant meal can go up to $16, and the average price of a cinema ticket is $10.

Can international students work in Israel?

Although Israel is the country of a myriad of opportunities, apart from pursuing internships, international students are not allowed to work on a student visa. The Israeli government, however, allows one exception when it comes to students enrolled in Master’s, Ph.D. or postdoctoral programs. They are allowed to work as part-time university assistants or researchers.

Top universities in Israel

Famous for offering their students the highest level of education, Israeli universities are a perfect blend of quality, excellence, and high standard. Home to some of the most-awarded scientists, these institutions are the landmark of one of the world’s most educated countries.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

One of the top 100 universities, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, offers a multitude of different programs. Whether their choice is social sciences, humanities, medicine, or exact sciences, the students enrolled in The Hebrew University of Jerusalem definitely do not lack an outstanding academic experience.

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

For students fascinated with science and engineering, there’s no better place in Israel than Technion. Researching with and learning from renowned experts, such as four Nobel laureates, is what drives thousands of students to strive towards enrolling in such a prestigious institution.

Tel Aviv University

The largest academic institution in Israel comprising 125 departments, Tel Aviv University offers its students a vibrant, yet, excellent quality student experience. Well known for its interdisciplinary and groundbreaking research, Tel Aviv University is always placed high on every prestigious university-ranking list.

Best scholarships in Israel

1. Tel Aviv University International Scholarships

Depending on the student’s country of residence, Tel Aviv University International offers a variety of different scholarship awards. If you are an undergraduate, graduate, or a high school senior, pursuing a summer scholarship at this prestigious Israeli university could be the greatest career choice you’ve ever made!

Students whose GPA score is above 3.5, who have never been to Israel before, and/or who come from a Tel Aviv University partner institution are eligible to apply for this Israel scholarship. However, it is not required to meet all of the mentioned criteria in order to be awarded. If you meet at least two of the criteria, don’t hesitate to apply! The award amount is decided upon evaluating each student’s qualifications, starting from $1000.

2. MFA Scholarships for foreign students

The Government of Israel welcomes international students by providing them with an opportunity to attend both summer language courses or to spend one academic year in this fascinating country. If you already hold a Bachelor’s degree (or higher) and you are not older than 35, don’t hesitate to look into this Israel scholarship! Apart from the usual requirements, applicants should hold proof of their English proficiency and a certificate of health.

Awarded scholarship for the one academic year includes partial tuition fees, monthly allowance, and basic health insurance. However, the summer language course scholarship covers full tuition fees and the cost of dormitories as well.

3. Fulbright Foundation Scholarships

The United States Education Fund in Israel offers scholarships to U.S. citizens who plan on continuing their academic path at the heart of a magnetic and perpetually developing culture. If you are searching for a perfect Master’s program, or some extraordinary research resources as a Ph.D. student, Fulbright Israel is there to support your striving for academic excellence.

Given that the Fulbright Foundation offers its applicants an opportunity to pursue their education in a variety of Israel’s academic institutions, evaluation criteria depend on the chosen program. Depending on the chosen program, this scholarship in Israel awards vary from $2000 to full tuition fees covered.

4. Zuckerman STEM Leadership program

If you are an enthusiastic STEM (science and technology) postdoctoral scholar from the USA or Canada ready to conduct your research in the technological capital of the world, this program is a perfect opportunity for you! Scholars can opt for their research program to be spent exclusively at an Israelian university, or they can choose to spend half their time at their country’s university.

Depending on their choice, the scholarship they receive might vary from $52,000 to – 60,000 per academic year. This Israel schoalrship program covers additional travel and conferences costs and is awarded for up to 2 years. Apart from their resumes, three publications, and recommendation letters, prospective postdoctoral candidates are supposed to provide their research proposals as well.

5. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem – Merit Scholarship

Students planning to obtain their Master’s degree in Humanities might be thrilled to find out about the opportunity of studying at such a highly-ranked university as the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is. However, the Rothberg International School at this university offers a Master’s degree only in a limited scope of fields, so it’s necessary to make sure if any of them would be a great fit for you. To be eligible for this two-year scholarship program in Israel, students need to have already obtained their Bachelor’s degree and to have a GPA score above 3.8.


Even though the living expenses in Israel might be higher than in a multitude of other countries in the world, the academic standards and prominence of its universities might be worth the cost. Whichever scholarships in Israel you apply, you will definitely find yourself at home in such a vibrant and welcoming community!

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