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Tel Aviv University Scholarships 2024-2022

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Tel Aviv University is a public research university in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is the largest university in the country, providing excellence in international standards of teaching and research. It is also known as the largest Jewish university in the world that aims to connect Jewish individuals from other countries and people of different cultures to Israel.

In 1956, the collaboration of Tel Aviv School of Law and Economics, the Institute of Natural Sciences, and the Institute of Jewish Studies established Tel Aviv University. The city’s municipality originally governed the university until it granted autonomy in 1963. The university continually promotes interdisciplinary cooperation between its students and staff through many teaching and research opportunities. It is also well-known for its high number of research publications and excellence in biomedical sciences.

The campus university provides a safe and lively environment for students from different cultures and backgrounds. It is the best place to grow in experience and learn more about the Jewish communities and Israel.

Tel Aviv University places in the top 255th of the 2022 QS World University Rankings.

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How Do I Apply to Tel Aviv University Scholarships?

Tel Aviv University becomes the first choice of international students as their place to study in Israel. Tel Aviv University offers many scholarship opportunities to help them with their tuition fees and living expenses during their stay.

Students hoping for admission at the university must hold a matriculation certificate from the Israeli Ministry of Education (or equivalent qualification issued abroad). For instance, students may present equivalent qualifications such as French Baccalaureate, German Abitur, British General Certificate of Education, International Baccalaureate (IB), etc. New students must enroll in the Preparatory Program (Mechina), depending on if the university approves them not to.

Generally, the university requires students at least one full academic year in Israel or abroad (with 30-40 semester credits) to exclude them from enrolling for Mechina. Candidates who have High School Matriculations, which are not equivalent to the Israeli Matriculation (Bagruth), will receive an exemption from the enrollment of Mechina. They must fulfill the scholarship application form, pay the registration fees, present academic records of higher education (if applicable). Applicants must also provide the certificate as proof that they are attending or finished the Mechina.

Tel Aviv University Scholarships for International Students

1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Scholarships

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Israeli Government proudly offers scholarships as cultural agreements to 29 different countries. It will recognize students with outstanding academic records or achievements. They may receive scholarships for summer language courses or one academic year of Master of Arts, Ph.D., post-doctorate, or research studies.

Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in Arts or Sciences or higher qualifications and show good academic merits to apply for scholarships available at Tel Aviv University. They must provide proof of their citizenship (Israeli citizens are not eligible) and should be under 35 years old. Students should also provide a good level of English or Hebrew language proficiency and meet the minimum academic requirements of Tel Aviv University. Additionally, students should receive an offer to study or an acceptance letter and obtain a student visa (A2) issued by the Israeli embassy to receive the scholarships.

Students applying for one academic school year will receive a 50% off their tuition fees, which is equivalent to a maximum of $ 6,000 (for tuition fees of $ 12,000 and higher). They may also receive a monthly allowance within eight months and basic health insurance. On the other hand, students for a partial one academic year will only receive a monthly stipend for eight months and basic health insurance.

Applicants for summer language courses will have their tuition fees fully covered, free dormitory, 3-week living allowances, and basic health insurance.

Applicants must submit a completed application form, letter of intent to study, curriculum vitae, official original copies of academic transcripts, two letters of recommendation, three photographs, and a certificate of good health. They may contact their local Israeli embassy for the official submission date and more detailed information.

2. TAU International Summer Scholarship

Tel Aviv University offers summer scholarships to international students coming from their partner institutions across the globe. It will recognize high-achieving candidates and prioritizes applicants who will meet two or more of their eligibility criteria. The scholarship amount varies depending on the qualifications of applicants.

Students currently studying in undergraduate or graduate programs at the university may apply for the scholarships. Upcoming freshmen or graduating high school seniors and professionals are also eligible to apply. The scholarships apply to eligible summer programs, including Hebrew Ulpan, Smart Cities, Climate Change and the Middle East, and Advanced English (excluding Yiddish Program). Students may receive a minimum of $500 or higher depending on their qualifications.

Applicants must have a 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale or an 85/100 or above. They must be visiting Israel for the first time and are graduates or students from a partner institution of the university.

3. Masa Scholarships

Masa is a public-service organization that offers scholarships to young Jewish adults around the world. It aims to connect aspiring young Jewish adults from abroad to other Jewish communities in Israel. These Tel Aviv University scholarships will give financial assistance to international Jewish students in undertaking their studies at Tel Aviv University. Aside from pursuing their degree programs, students may gain experiences by participating in Masa’s special events like Jewish Holidays, Shabbatons, and more.

Applicants must be Jewish and a graduate of secondary school. They must not be an Israeli citizen, if they are, must have left Israel at 14 years old and lived outside the country for at least four consecutive years. Students must be participating in an intensive Hebrew Ulpan at the university. They must obtain an acceptance letter or offer to study to be eligible for the scholarships. Additionally, they must be applying to a program with a minimum of 5 months (including Ulpan) study length.

Students of ages 18-20 may receive a $500 grant for their tuition fees. However, depending on their age gap, country of origin, and qualifications, students may receive $2,400 to a maximum of $10,000. More details on the scholarship will be available once the application period starts again.

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