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Weizmann Institute of Science Scholarships 2024-2025

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Launched in 1934, the Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS) in Israel was named after Dr. Chaim Weizmann, the founder of the institute and the first President of the State of Israel. The Feinberg Graduate School (FGS) is WIS’s center for graduate studies. Here, we will discuss Weizmann Institute of Science scholarships for international students. The institute takes pride in being the first in many aspects. It hosted the creation and the design of WEIZAC, the first computer in Israel, which led to the booming computer industry in the country. It was also the first venue for cancer research in Israel and the first to establish a technology transfer company called Yeda.

The Weizmann Institute of Science has five faculties: Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics and Computer Science. The institute supports and encourages diversity and inclusion in all of its faculties and departments. In its aim to maintain and strengthen international cooperation in scientific research and education, it welcomes students from all nations regardless of their race, gender, age, disabilities, and religion.

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How do I apply to the Weizmann Institute of Science Scholarships?

Graduate students at the Feinberg Graduate School of the Weizmann Institute of Science can enjoy a tuition-free environment. In addition to the free tuition, students can receive a monthly allowance from the institute.

Outstanding candidates, however, can receive additional support from external foundations. To qualify for a scholarship at any of these foundations, interested applicants must consult with their respective Feinberg Graduate School Faculty Coordinator for the eligibility criteria for nomination.

Bachelor’s Degree graduates or students in their last year of a Bachelor’s program with a GPA of 85 may apply for admission at the FGS. The registration procedure is free of charge. Students of any nationality, gender, age, disabilities, or religion are welcome to apply.

Master’s Degree graduates from other countries who wish to pursue a Ph.D. at WIS must find and communicate with a senior researcher at the institute. The applicant has to submit a proposal to their prospective advisor and have it approved. After the approval, the applicant may start applying for admission to the FGS.

Ph.D. applicants must secure a support letter from the prospective advisor to have better chances of being admitted into the WIS. Each faculty at the FGS has a Board of Studies that reviews all applications for admissions.

The FGS offers classes in English. International applicants from non-native English-speaking countries must obtain a TOEFL/IELTS score. They must also take general tests and study-specific tests from the GRE of the Educational Testing Service. The relevant Board of Studies will determine the score requirements or the waiving of these requirements.

External applicants must also secure letters of recommendation from their universities or institutions in their home countries.

The admission procedure takes four to twelve weeks, so applicants must apply as early as possible.

The International Office will contact accepted students regarding the visa requirements and procedure. For more information about passport and visa requirements, you may check this page.

International students at WIS also need to secure medical insurance. You may find more information here.

Weizmann Institute of Science Scholarships for International Students

1. MSc Fellowships

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: NIS 6,049 per month
  • Degrees Offered: Master in Science

All full-time Master’s Degree students at the Feinberg Graduate School of the Weizmann Institute of Science can receive a monthly allowance worth NIS6,049 for 24 months. International students receiving this Weizmann Institute of Science scholarship must spend all of their time on their studies and scientific research.

Recipients of external fellowships may not receive the regular WIS fellowships at the same time. External fellowship grants worth less than the WIS fellowship will entitle the recipient to 120% of the WIS fellowship value.

If the value is higher, external fellowships from foundations award 140% of the WIS fellowship value per month to the recipients.

2. Ph.D. Fellowships

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: NIS7,997 per month
  • Degrees Offered: Ph.D.

Full-time Ph.D. students at FGS are eligible for the regular Ph.D. fellowship worth NIS7,997 per month for 54 months. Students who receive competitive external fellowships can receive between 100% and 140% of the regular WIS fellowship. Medical doctors and veterinarians pursuing a Ph.D. may receive NIS9,596 per month.

Students can receive an additional travel allowance worth $4,250 (NIS13,650). External fellowship recipients are not eligible for this travel allowance.

If the recipients postpone the submission of their thesis, they may request an extension of financial support for up to six months from the Dean of the Feinberg Graduate School.

3. Adams Fellowship Program

The Adams Fellowship Program offers $27,000 per year to new Ph.D. students at the Weizmann Institute of Science. An additional $3,000 is also available to the scholars for travel expenses. This Weizmann Institute of Science scholarship is valid for up to four years.

The institution of higher learning recommends the candidates. This program offers the scholarship to up to ten successful candidates.

4. Ariane de Rothschild Women Doctoral Program

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: 110-120% of the regular monthly WIS Fellowship
  • Degrees Offered: Ph.D.

Female Ph.D. students at the Weizmann Institute of Science may apply for this scholarship. The program awards fellowships to four outstanding candidates at WIS. The scholarship aims to encourage women of diverse backgrounds to pursue a Ph.D. in STEM fields.

The program offers NIS60,000 for four years. This value entitles the scholar 110-120% of the value of the regular WIS Ph.D. fellowship. Recipients in their second year can receive an additional NIS20,000 for scientific needs or travel costs. The program requires the scholar’s commitment to dedicate 56 hours annually to community service in exchange for the scholarship.

Interested applicants must check the eligibility criteria because the program updates the nationality requirement annually.

5. The Clore Scholars Program

Each institution of higher learning at WIS may recommend an outstanding graduate student whose research proposal had been approved 13 months before this Weizmann Institute of Science scholarship application.

Successful candidates can receive the scholarship amount for up to three years. They may also receive an additional personal award and research grant.


Interested applicants may check the overview of other scholarships on this page.

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