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Technion–Israel Institute of Technology Scholarships 2024-2025

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The oldest university in Israel is the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. It was established in 1912 and was formerly called Technikum until the year 1914. Furthermore, it is located in the country’s third-largest city, Haifa. With its rich history, it is not a surprise that the university is included in the list of top ten universities worldwide.

A future-oriented university reflected in its curriculum, Technion’s mission is founded on three core principles: knowledge, research, and progress. Indeed, it is guaranteed that graduates of this institution will be the world’s next generation of innovators.

Its 22 faculties give students a variety of programs to pursue. As a matter of fact, there are 50 available programs for undergraduates. As for those about to take up their Master’s or PhD, there are 82 programs offered at the institution. Currently, they have 14,000 students. Technion–Israel Institute of Technology has many scholarships for international students, which we will take a look at this article.

In line with the university being known for continuously advancing in AI research and development, CSRankings recently placed them as the top university in the field of Artificial Intelligence, in the country of Israel and all of Europe. Moreover, prospective students from all across the globe might benefit from knowing that the Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings placed Technion as the 65th in the list of Most International Universities in The World Today.

Speaking of students, Technion has produced loads of outstanding graduates who went on to succeed in their respective fields. Examples include Apple’s Senior Vice President of Hardware Technologies Johny Srouji, Artificial Intelligence pioneer Saul Amarel, artist Ella Amitay Sadovsky, MIT Researcher Dr. Maor Farid, and 2013 Nobel Prize in chemistry winner Arieh Warshel.

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How do I apply to the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Scholarships?

The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology accepts students in undergraduate, master’s, and postgraduate levels.

Future undergraduates from overseas may be asked first to pursue pre-university education. They will be taking courses in English, Hebrew, Mathematics, and Physics. This is a particular program specially designed for newcomers to the country. Although, it is possible that incoming undergraduate students will not be asked to take this as there are also programs taught in English at the university. One such example is the Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. With that, they should take note that registrations are to be conducted online, and it is in Hebrew.

More information about Undergraduates Admission can be found here. Also, it is advisable to view the Entrance Tests and Dates.

Postgraduates should take note that they are only allowed to apply for one department. It is also recommended that all overseas students speak with Technion’s international student advisor to be guided before applying.

When it comes to application forms, incoming postgraduate students will have to fill out the Application for Admission Form, Scholarship Application Form, and Application for Dormitories. They will also be asked to have a recommender fill out a Recommendation form on their behalf. Additionally, there is a registration fee of 140, and it is non-refundable. Applicants can choose from three payment options.

Master’s students will have different documents to submit to the Registration and Admission Office via email, compared to PhD Students. A list can be accessed, as well as further information, on the Application to a Master or PhD degree page on Technion’s official website.

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Scholarships for International Students

1. Financial Aid

Technion provides financial assistance for incoming undergraduate students. Applicants need to meet the criteria set by the university. Following the application, a selection process will pick out candidates to be given the grant. The financial aid to be given will be for the whole duration of their Bachelor’s degree program, given that it is not more than eight semesters.

Applications should be submitted to the Admissions Coordinator before a student begins their education at the institution. With that, this is not open to current students of Technion.

2. Academic Merit Scholarship

A scholarship program at Technion–Israel Institute of Technology for undergraduate students in all BSc programs, this grant is given based on one’s academic standing and achievements in the university. Moreover, this is a scholarship given only to current second-year to fourth-year students of Technion.

3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Scholarship

The Cultural and Scientific Relations Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers scholarships available at Technion–Israel Institute of Technology to international students from 41 countries and regions all around the world. Furthermore, 12 of these 41 countries have a special scholarship arrangement with the Government of Israel.

In addition to this, this grant is not available for students who are pursuing medicine or veterinary studies. Students may choose to apply for this program through a summer language course or a one-year academic program. Applicants are required to be BA or BSc degree holders with a remarkable academic performance record. It is also a must for one to have a good command of English or Hebrew language. Interested applicants should take note that they have to be under the age of 35 to be considered for this scholarship.

Students who acquire a one-year academic scholarship will get a partial tuition fee discount of around $6,000. They will also receive a monthly stipend for eight months. This grant will also cover basic health insurance.

On the other hand, students who choose to take up the summer language course will receive a full tuition fee discount. Dormitories’ costing will also be covered as well as basic health insurance. Moreover, they will also be given a weekly stipend for three weeks.


A university dedicated to science and technology, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology works to improve Israel and the world through its well-rounded students and faculty. If you are a student in the said fields, Technion is one of your best options. For more information, check out their official website.

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