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Nanjing University Scholarships 2024-2025

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Nanjing University, founded in 1902, went by various names before finally being officially named as such in 1950. It moved to its current location in the city of Nanjing, China in 1952. It currently has three campuses: Xianlin, Gulou, and Pukou. The buildings of the campuses show a blend of Chinese culture, history, and modern architectural excellence.

The university is known for science education and has one of the best research platforms in China. Staff and students live by the university’s motto of “Sincerity with Aspiration” in philosophy and “Perseverance with Integrity” in practice. The university aims to instill among its students a realistic, rigorous, diligent, and creative spirit.

Currently, the university hosts a large population of students at over 38,000. It offers several courses in Chinese or in English to cater to both domestic and international students. Also, good news is that Nanjing University offers many scholarships for international students. Most of its faculty members are among the best in their respective fields. Many of the graduates have established a good reputation in companies both in China and abroad.

How do I apply to Nanjing University Scholarships?

International students looking for a degree at Nanjing University must get a Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK). Other scholarships require an IELTS, a TOEFL, or a Duolingo score. You must check the level requirement for your program of choice and achieve them before applying for the program.

You must carefully read and understand the Code for International Students before finalizing your application to make sure that you can meet the requirements therein along with the university’s rules and regulations.

Good physical and mental health are also important requirements for scholarships offered at Nanjing University. You may check the scholarship page to get the physical report document that has to be submitted along with the application documents.

International students must also prepare a proof of no-criminal record and letters of recommendation from former professors. The number of recommendation letters depends on the type of scholarship you are applying for.

All documentary requirements that are in a foreign language must be translated to Chinese or English and notarized.

Most scholarships available at Nanjing University are exclusive. You must apply to only one. Therefore, please check the scholarship coverage carefully to which one meets your needs as an international student.

Scholarship providers at Nanjing University are particular about age requirements. Please check the application requirements through the scholarship links provided in the list below.

Nanjing University Scholarships for International Students

1. Chinese Government Scholarship – Belt and Road Program

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: comprehensive
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor (Chinese Language – Business Chinese); Master (Information Resources Management)

The Chinese government offers this scholarship to international students seeking to earn a degree at Nanjing University. This scholarship at Nanjing University comes in two types: the full scholarship covers the tuition, a monthly allowance, free lodging at the university dormitory, and health insurance. The partial scholarship covers the same, except for the free lodging.

Bachelor students must possess HSK level 5 before admission and HSK level 6 before graduation. They may avail of the scholarship for four years and receive a monthly allowance worth RMB2,500.

Master students must have an IELTS score of 6.0, a TOEFL equivalent of 85, or 100 for Duolingo. Before graduation, you must achieve HSK level 3. They may avail of the scholarship for two years and get a monthly allowance worth RMB3,000.

2. Chinese Government Scholarship – American Degree Program

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: comprehensive
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor; Master; Doctoral

This government scholarship is open to all American citizens for almost all degrees offered at Nanjing University. You may check the scholarship link for the updated information on exclusions.

The scholarship includes free tuition, free lodging, a health insurance fee worth RMB800 per year, and a monthly living allowance worth RMB2,500 for bachelor students, RMB3,000 for master students, and RMB3,500 for doctoral students.

Scholars may avail of this Nanjing University scholarship for the whole duration of the program period as long as they meet the annual assessment conducted between March and May every year. The maximum grant period for degree programs is four years for bachelor, two years for master, and four years for doctoral.

3. Nanjing Municipal Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: monthly allowance (the value depends on the degree program)
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor; Master; Doctoral

The Nanjing Municipal Government provides this scholarship to outstanding international students from countries with friendly relationships with China.

Successful applicants for this Nanjing University scholarship can receive a living allowance. Undergraduate scholars can receive RMB10,000 per year, while Master’s and Doctoral Degree scholars can receive RMB20,000 annually.

4. Jasmine Jiangsu Province Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount:
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor; Master; Doctoral

Jiangsu province aims to attract more international students from ASEAN member countries to study at Nanjing University. Because of this, the Jiangsu Provincial Government has decided to provide two types of ASEAN scholarship subsidies: full and partial.

Scholars with a full scholarship at Nanjing University may receive free tuition, a monthly living allowance worth RMB1,500, a lodging allowance worth RMB10,000 per year, and insurance worth RMB800 per year. Partial ASEAN scholarships offer a one-year grant for bachelor or master students worth RMB30,000

Due to the international pandemic, there might be changes in the offerings and deadline schedules. Please visit the scholarship page to check any updates.

5. International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Varies depending on degrees
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor; Master; Doctoral

There is a growing demand for Chinese Language teachers internationally. All international students who want to earn a degree to teach the Chinese Language to speakers of other languages at Nanjing University may apply for this scholarship. Make sure to check the application guide for the updated eligibility requirements and scholarship benefits.

To check a brief introduction to the program, please check this page.

6. Chinese Government Scholarship – Nanjing University Postgraduate Program

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: comprehensive
  • Degrees Offered: Master; Doctoral

Non-Chinese students may apply for the postgraduate scholarship at Nanjing University, which covers the tuition, health insurance, free lodging at the university’s international dormitory, and a monthly allowance of up to RMB3,000 for Master’s degree students or RMB 3500 for Doctoral students.

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