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Qingdao University Scholarship 2024-2025 – BS, MS, PHD (Confucius Institute Scholarship – Fully Funded)

Deadline May 10, 2021
Opening date June 1, 2020
Days Remaining Closed
Category Scholarships in China
Type Fully Funded
Location China

Qingdao University now offers fully-funded scholarships to international students for BS, MS, and Ph.D. programs for the academic year 2024-2025.

The Bachelor Program of Chinese Language & Business is a 4-year program that guides students in deepening their understanding of business, developing their language proficiency, and acquiring professional knowledge through personal hands-on experience.

This program offers the potential for a dual degree in Bachelor of ARTS and MANAGEMENT. Students who complete the academic plan of the dual-degree program will receive a diploma in the Chinese Language Major, (Bachelor Degree in Arts and Management).

Courses Covered by Qingdao University Scholarship

Chinese Courses: Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese History and Culture, Chinese Listening and Speaking, Oral Communication, News Listening, Audio-Visual News, Business Chinese, Chinese Economic Profile, BCT&HSK Intensification, Newspaper and Periodical Reading, Selected Reading of Chinese Classical Literature.

Business Courses: Accounting, Statistics, Economic Law, International Business, International Finance, International Trade, International Marketing, International Logistics,International Business Correspondence, International Business Negotiation, International Business Management Case, Cross-cultural management,Service Marketing.

Eligibility Criteria for Qingdao Confucius Institute Scholarship

    • Non-Chinese citizens
    • In good physical and mental condition; performs well both academically and behaviorally
    • Aspires a future career in the teaching or international promotion of Chinese Language and International Business
    • Between the ages of 18-24 by September 1st, 2021.
    • HSK(Level 4)180+.
    • Qingdao University-Confucius Institute Scholarship

Coverage and Benefits of Qindao University Scholarship

Fully covers tuition fees (major of Chinese Language), accommodation fee, living allowance (2500RMB/Month), and comprehensive medical insurance expenses.

Application Process of Qingdao University Scholarship

Application Date: Up to May 10, 2021

List of Application Documents:

    • A scanned copy of the passport photo page.
    • A scanned copy of score reports from the HSK tests (within the two-year validity), or certification of Chinese language study.
    • Certificate (diploma) of highest education achieved (or proof of expected graduation) and an official transcript.
    • Scholarship Applicants should provide a reference letter from the head of the recommending institutions.

Qingdao University Scholarship Application Submission Guidance

    • Online registration is available on the Confucius Institute Scholarship website ( Please log on to search potential host institutions, upload application materials online, track the application progress, and view feedback from reviews and admission results.
    • Once pre-accepted by Qingdao University, please log into Qingdao University’s foreign student application system ( within 3 workdays and truthfully fill in personal information.
    • Hanban will complete the scholarship review and notify you of the results 3 months prior to the time of enrollment for admitted students.
    • Scholarship holders must confirm with Qingdao University by undergoing the procedures for studying in China, including printing out the CIS certificate from online and registering at QU on the date designated in the admission letter.

NOTE: It is possible to apply for a dual degree (Bachelor of Chinese Language and International
Business). According to the application situation, QU will make all arrangements pertaining to
business courses. After finishing the application, please contact QU to get detailed information
concerning courses.

Contact Details:

  • Applicants shall be familiar with the specific criteria and closing dates for registration, and follow the specific procedures to submit all necessary documents. EMAIL is an important way to receive all information from the university.
  • Degree students shall accept an annual assessment under the Annual Appraisal Procedures of the Confucius Institute Scholarship.
  • Those who failed to register on time failed to pass the health assessment, dropped out midway, and/or were suspended will be deprived of the scholarship.
  • Self-supporting students may also apply for this program. Concerning fees and procedures, please refer to The fee for a second degree is 9000RMB/year.

International Students Office, Qingdao University
Tel: +86-532-85953863

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