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Slovakia is known to have a long history of academic superiority amongst the competitive states for higher learning. It provides plenty of opportunities for international students to study at one of the country’s greatest schools and public universities. Also, there are various scholarships in Slovakia that international students can take advantage of.

Aside from their ongoing excellence in their educational system, international students also chose Slovakia as their study destination because they want to experience the country’s rich history, beautiful sceneries, unique cultures, and traditions. Overall, Slovakia has inspired several students to pursue their studies in the country as they are continuously demonstrating their excellence in producing skilled and talented professionals for the global world.

Cost of Living for International Students in Slovakia

Compared to other members of the European states, the cost of living in Slovakia is relatively cheaper. International students who want to pursue their studies in Slovakia must prepare an estimate of €500- €700 per month. These include living expenditures such as utilities, rent, food, and transportation.

Are International Students allowed to work in Slovakia?

International students are permitted to work full-time while they are still pursuing their degrees in their respective universities. The country, however, allows only allows a total of 20 working hours per week. In the event that the students completed their study period, they are permitted to work without the need for any special work permit.

Leading Universities in Slovakia

There are many leading Universities in Slovakia that excel in various global rankings throughout the world. Between private or public universities, institutions in Slovakia have continuously provided their best services and high-quality education to local and international students. With that, it is no wonder why institutions in the country have been constant to find new possible solutions for every flawed educational process.

According to the International Rankings, these are the top three leading universities in Slovakia today— Comenius University in Bratislava, Povol Jozef Safárik University in Kosice, and the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava.

Best Scholarships in Slovakia

1. National Scholarship Program of the Slovak Republic

The National Scholarship Programme is a government scholarship financed by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport of the Slovak Republic. The program aims to grant exceptional international students to study at any higher institution and research organizations in Slovakia.

This Slovakia scholarship is open to all Ph.D. students, university teachers, researchers, and artists of any country in the world who wants to be granted a scholarship stay through the National Scholarship Programme (NSP). However, the NSP does not support the following:

  • International students admitted to any Slovakian universities. It is also equivalent to students studying for a full degree in Slovakia and intends to fund their studies by the NSP.
  • International students who have spent more than 15 months in the Slovak Republic territory. The NSP will not allow it if it is within 36 months of the application deadline.
  • International students who have been granted by other scholarship programs (e.g. Erasmus+, CEEPUS, etc.). The NSP will not support if it is within the same period of application.

Applicants who have already been granted by the NSP should only apply after three (3) years of completion from their last scholarship stay. On the other hand, awarded applicants by the NSP shall receive scholarship coverage of living expenses, food, and accommodation.

The benefits must be available throughout their study, research, or teaching stay at universities and research organizations in Slovakia. The total amount of scholarship may vary depending on if they are a university or Ph.D. student, university teacher, researcher, or artist with or without a Ph.D. degree, etc.

2. Action Austria: Slovakia Scholarship Action Grants

The Austria – Slovakia Campaign offers numerous scholarship grants for international students who have a permanent residence in Slovakia’s partnered country which is Austria. The goal is to strengthen and promote the cooperation of the two counties. This Slovakia scholarship grants include:

  • Diploma Students Scholarship: The program offers students the opportunity to utilize their partner country’s sources in their thesis development. The scholarship stay will help improve the better quality of their work. The scholarship grant will be a 1-3 months’ period and will receive a monthly stipend of €800 per month.
  • Doctoral Students Scholarship: The scholarship grant will allow Doctoral students to use sources from their partner country to improve their dissertation preparation. Selected students for this scholarship will receive a scholarship grant of €1,050 per month.
  • Post-Doctoral Students Scholarship: The program offers students to have a research stay in the partner country. Grantees from this program will receive a scholarship grant of €1,400 per month.

3. Alona Kurotová Foundation Vertikal Scholarship Program

The AK Foundation offers an annual scholarship for international students who holds a permanent residence outside the members of the European Union (EU). This Slovakia scholarship aims to open an opportunity for students who want to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in the Slovak Republic.

The scholarship duration will last about four (4) years— one year from the language courses and three years from the Bachelor’s degree. Interested applicants must comply with the requirements stated by the program, including their proof of the highest achieved education.

Grantees of the Vertikal Scholarship will receive a monthly allowance of €280, enough to cover the student’s basic needs and accommodation. The scholarship will not provide any coverage n travel expenses, medical assistance, and any other expenditures.

4. Technical University in Zvolen Scholarships

The Technical University in Zvolen is a public university that provides various undergraduate and doctoral degrees to students. The scholarship grants open different opportunities to both local and international students of the university. Technical University recognizes the hard work of both their international and local students.

For this reason, the Student Social Support System offers two different types of scholarships to cater to their needs. Technical University in Slovakia is a good study destination for international students looking for a university that provides awesome scholarships in Slovakia.

Social Scholarships: The social scholarship is open to all local and foreign students who are currently in need of financial assistance. To be eligible, the student must present a permanent residence in the Slovak Republic and their first study in the university in a given degree.

Motivational Scholarship: The motivational scholarship grant is open to students currently taking their first and second-degree study programs. This scholarship is awarded based on the students’ academic performance and scores in the enrolled study courses.

5. Scholarships of the Government of the Slovak Republic

The Slovak Republic (SR) offers its scholarships to international students who want to pursue their Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral Degree in any public university in Slovakia. The SR Government scholarship is a long-term project activity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the SR to the international community.

This grant in Slovakia is open to selected developing countries who in one way need financial assistance to study in Slovakia. Interested applicants must comply with the requirements of their degree. Grantees by the SR Government will receive monthly scholarships and allowances depending on the students’ year level and if a significant change from Slovakia’s living standards occurs.

They will also receive dormitory accommodation, medical assistance, meals, incentive stipends, and any other requirements needed for the completion of studies. In the event that the student has shown poor academic performance, this Slovkia scholarship grant will be revoked and will not be given to another applicant.

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