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Tsinghua University is a chief research university located in northwest Beijing, China. It was established in 1911, in which it was initially called Tsing Hua Imperial College, and was officially declared a university in 1925 with the name National Tsing Hua University. In 1978, China has become internationally open, allowing Tsinghua University to start accepting foreign students, therefore making the university a renowned global university.

With its current 21 schools and 59 departments, the university is able to offer a wide array of degrees, including studies in science, engineering, law, and humanities. In 2020, the University ranked 3 in the Quacquarelly Symonds (QS) World University Rankings, and 1 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. It is also a current member of the elite group of C9 Research League in China, and is home to more than 50,000 full-time and exchange students from all over the globe. In this article, we will be looking at Tsinghua University scholarships for international students.

How do I apply for Tsinghua University Scholarships?

Tsinghua University currently offers scholarships for 4-year undergraduate programs, excluding the 5-year undergraduate degree in architecture under the Architecture Division and Sculpture in Arts Division. It also offers financial aid for students applying for the Master’s degree, which is taken for two or three years, and for Doctoral degree programs, which are completed in three or four years. There are three general scholarships that students can apply to, namely Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS), Tuition Scholarships, and Siemens China Scholarship (SCS).

Tsinghua University Scholarships

1. Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS)

  • Scholarship link
  • Scholarship amount categories: Full CGS or Partial CGS
  • Degrees offered: Undergraduate, Graduate (Master’s and PhD), Non-degree (exchange or visit programs)

The Chinese Government Scholarship is a financial aid offered to qualified international students who aim to pursue academic studies in various universities in China, including Tsinghua University. This is mainly offered by the Chinese government, and is open to international students who aim to take full-time undergraduate or graduate programs or non-degree exchange programs.

The main goal of establishing this Tsinghua University scholarship program is to promote intercultural understanding and appreciation and academic cooperation and exchange between the Chinese community and other countries. Most programs are offered in full English language, while some others are conducted in both Chinese and English.

CGS is categorized into either a full CGS scholarship or a partial CGS scholarship. The full CGS scholarship covers both tuition fees (RMB 26,000 – RMB 40,000 per annual year for undergraduate studies; RMB 60,000 – RMB 680,000 for complete graduate programs) and on-campus dormitory fees (RMB 40.00 – RMB 80.00 per day). Full CGS scholars also receive a monthly allowance and a yearly medical insurance (RMB 800.00).

For the partial CGS scholarship, only one or a few of the aspects stated above are covered, depending on the regulations of the specific CGS program enrolled in and on the admission letter submitted by the applicant. The scholarship is valid for one annual academic year, usually on the first year of the student in the university. Students may continue to apply annually for the scholarship.

Interested applicants may send their applications through either of the two options: through legitimate authorities like the Chinese Embassy in respective home countries or through direct application in Tsinghua University. The latter is more competitive as the number of applicants actually recommended by Tsinghua University is limited, and chosen recipients must present outstanding merit and qualifications.

Some general requirements for application include the following: must hold a high school diploma for undergraduate applicants, must be a Bachelor’s degree holder under the age of 35 for Master’s degree applicants, and must be a Master’s degree holder under the age of 40 for doctorate students. Other necessary documents include a research proposal, letters of recommendation, and proof of English language proficiency.

2. Beijing Government Scholarship

  • Scholarship link
  • Scholarship amount categories: Full or Partial
  • Degrees offered: Undergraduate and Graduate (Master’s only)

Beijing Government Scholarship is one of the most comprehensive scholarship opportunities to international students who are interested in taking up degrees in Beijing, China. International student applicants with outstanding academic records from their high school are eligible to qualify for the Beijing Government Scholarship.

This scholarship program was established and funded by the Beijing Municipal Government to strengthen mutual connection and alliance between China and various foreign countries.

The general eligibilities for the Beijing Government Scholarship include the following: applicants must be non-Chinese and must be passport-holders during time of application; must hold a high school diploma and with good academic performance when applying for undergraduate programs; must be a Bachelor’s degree holder when applying for the Master’s program; and must not be under any other tuition scholarship program. Applications are accomplished through an online system.

This Tsinghua University scholarship is granted on the first year of enrollment in the university, and subsequent scholarships for the following academic years, up until the fourth year, can be continuously used as long as requirements are met.

This scholarship program can be categorized into groups depending on the value of the scholarship. The full Beijing Government Scholarship covers the whole tuition for one academic year (approximately RMB 26,000 – RMB 30,000 for undergraduate degrees and RMB 29,000 – RMB 33,000 for Master’s degrees). Partial scholarship may either be half or quarter of the original tuition fee for one academic year.

3. Tsinghua University Tuition Scholarship

  • Scholarship link
  • Scholarship amount categories: Full or Half
  • Degrees offered: Undergraduate and Graduate (Master’s and PhD)

The Tsinghua University Tuition Scholarship is given to students who have outstanding academic backgrounds and who have intended to apply for other scholarships via the system of Application for Graduate admission.

Unlike the previous scholarships where students apply and send their documents for possible scholarships, this particular scholarship at Tsinghua University doesn’t require an application and mainly chooses students based on their records.

Tsinghua University Tuition Scholarship may cover the full or partial tuition of a scholar for one academic year, and may continue to reapply for the scholarship every year.

4. Beijing Government “the Belt and Road” Scholarship

  • Scholarship link
  • Scholarship amount:
  • Degrees offered: Not specified for Tsinghua University

The Beijing Government “the Belt and Road Scholarship” mainly applies for international students who plan to take up their Master’s degrees in China. This Tsinghua University scholarship covers at most three years of studying, and only applies to students who are from countries that belong to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Scholars receive free tuition and monthly allowances in the amount of RMB 2,000.00, RMB 3,000.00, or RMB 3,500.00, depending on the program. Applicants must also not exceed the following age limits per program to qualify for the scholarship: under 25 years old for undergraduate students, under 35 years old for Master’s degree students, and under 40 for PhD students.

5. Siemens China Scholarship

The Siemens China Scholarship, or Siemens Industrial PhD scholarship Program (SIPS), at Tsinghua University is dedicated to outstanding international student researchers who have shown interest to take their doctorate studies in China. This scholarship is funded by Siemens Ltd., China, one of China’s leading industrial and technological companies.

Aside from providing full financial support by paying for their full program tuition, chosen scholars are also given opportunities to join and take part in academic and industrial research projects. The primary goal of this scholarship is to produce competitive and innovative individuals who can largely contribute to further developments and foundation in the industry, and to establish a strong connection between Siemens Ltd. and Tsinghua University.

There are two major research fields in this scholarship at Tsinghua University, namely Research in Digitalization and Automation (CT RDA) and Research in Energy and Electronics (CT REE). Under CT RDA, there are six subfields, including Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Software and Systems Innovation, IT Security, Simulation and Digital Twin, Future of Automation, and Industrial IoT. On the other hand, CT REE covers four subfields, namely Software Defined Inverter, Energy Systems, Electronics and Mechatronics, and Advanced Materials.

One of the highlights of SIPS is that students are given the opportunity to be handled by two groups of survivors. Academic and industrial research projects will be spearheaded and managed by top academic researchers and professors in Tsinghua University, as well as by corporate innovation managers in Siemens Corporate Technology.

In general, the scholarship covers the full tuition of the scholar, which is RMB 40,000 per year. Scholars will also receive allowances for accommodation, medical insurance, transportation, and books, which may total up to RMB 160,000 annually. This scholarship also covers the whole four years of the program, and succeeding years shall undergo the Annual Review to ensure that qualifications for the continuation of the scholarship are met.

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