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Utrecht University Scholarships 2024-2025

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Utrecht University (UU) is among the Netherlands’ oldest educational institutions. Having been established 385 years ago, there is no doubt that the university has an absolutely rich history. Equipped with seven main faculties and three interfaculty units, UU has become more and more well-known over the years not just in the country or in Europe, but also all over the world.

The public research university consistently garners high ranks in both local and international university rankings. In line with this, it is only natural that UU is the alma mater of numerous famed people throughout history. Among the list of the institution’s notable alumni are Scottish biographer James Boswell, Dutch primatologist & ethologist Frans De Waal, British science fiction author Alastair Reynolds, Dutch-American mathematician Tjalling Koopmans, and Princess Irene of the Netherlands.

Furthermore, UU is comprised of four campuses. Three are located in Utrecht, while one is in Middelburg. With that, it is not a surprise that the university has tens of thousands of students. And good news to international students looking for a school with a diverse student community, Utrecht University offers many scholarships for international students and currently has students from around 118 different countries.

How do I apply to the Utrecht University Scholarships?

Utrecht University offers undergraduate, master’s, and postgraduate programs. You will need to apply to programs first before applying to scholarships at Utrecht University.

At Utrecht University, there are 50 bachelor’s degree programs but only 13 of these utilize English as the medium of instruction. In these three-year programs, the students are allowed to design their own curriculums and they also have the option to take a double degree. To know more, it is best to visit the university’s Bachelor’s programs pages.

As for master’s degree programs, there are 150 of these offered at the university, 100 of which are taught in English. And for students who wish to pursue their postgraduate studies, it is a must to be informed of the fact that they will be working closely with a number of professors. This is because PhD candidates are to concentrate on practical activities related to the research. The said research project will then lead up to a doctoral thesis or scientific journal articles.

For aspiring master’s students, check the university’s Master’s programs page. Those interested to be a PhD candidate can view the university’s PhD programs page.

Utrecht University Scholarships for International Students

1. Utrecht Excellence Scholarships

Scholarship Link:

Scholarship Amount:

  • For the Bachelor’s program, the amount ranges from €5,000 to €17,000
  • For the Master’s program, the total scholarship amount can either be comprised of only the tuition fee or the tuition fee plus €11,000 for the student’s basic living expenses

Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s and Master’s

Applicants who are to pursue their undergraduate studies must note that the Utrecht Excellence Scholarships are offered only to the crème de la crème of students from non-EU or non-EEA countries. Its funds are provided by the Utrecht Excellence Scholarship Fund which is initiated by the university itself. Aside from this, quite a few of the institution’s alumni also contribute to the scholarship’s funds.

International students who are academically excellent have a good chance of being chosen by the selection committee, as long as they meet the eligibility and selection criteria. Additionally, it is necessary for chosen grantees to maintain satisfactory grades so as to renew the scholarship for the next academic year. However, the grant is not a full scholarship. Due to this, students are expected to have sufficient additional funds in order to continue studying and residing in the Netherlands.

Around nine incoming undergraduate students are granted this scholarship at Utrecht University annually and the scholars represent the selected fields of Economics & Business Economics, Global Sustainability Science, Philosophy, Politics, & Economics, and lastly, Liberal Arts & Sciences at University College Utrecht.

On the other hand, for applicants who are to take up their master’s degree, the requirements are almost the same with only a few distinctions. Applicants are not allowed to have completed their secondary studies or undergraduate studies in the Netherlands as this is a scholarship program specifically meant for international students. And of course, they must belong to the top 10% of his or her graduating class.

Approximately 20 to 25 incoming master’s students will be chosen as grantees and they will be distributed across the university’s six Graduate schools. Similar to the grant given to undergraduate students, this is not automatically a full scholarship. The main difference is that for the master’s program, the scholarship amount might also cover basic living expenses. Despite this, students must come prepared with additional funds for themselves.

2. Holland Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: €5,000, €10,000, or €15,000
  • Degrees Offered: Master’s
  • The Holland Scholarship is a program with non-complex criteria and requirements for its applicants.

Eligible applicants are those holding a non-EU or non-EEA passport. In addition to this, they are also not allowed to have been previously enrolled at any center of learning in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the applicant’s academic background, motivations or future goals, and financial plans will be reviewed. Lastly, all applicants are required to procure a Dutch visa or residence permit.

Once the selection process for scholars is finished, there will be a total of around 22 new grantees of this Utrecht University scholarship. Moreover, the scholarship amount of either €5,000, €10,000, or €15,000 will be handed to the grantees during the first year of their studies.

Interested students must be aware that this program is not applicable for Distance Learning or Online Programs.

3. UES – Law, Economics and Governance International Talent Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: €11,000 plus the cost of the tuition fee
  • Degrees Offered: Master’s

This particular scholarship grant is the Utrecht Excellence Scholarships’ additional program offered for applicants who are planning to enter the Faculty of Law, Economics, and Governances (LEG) as a master’s student.

Applicants for this scholarship at Utrecht University need to be academically talented with a heart for societal development and an eye for a bright future in their respective careers.

Every year, there are 6 lucky grantees chosen for this program. It is a must for these grantees to earn satisfactory grades so as to be able to renew their scholarship for the second year of their master’s degree.

Utrecht University is not ranked as one of the Netherlands’ top university for nothing. The institution is continuously producing idealistic movers of society who all excel in their corresponding fields after graduation. For more detailed information, you can take a look at their official website. To know more about the grants and scholarships at Utrecht University for international students, bachelor’s students may check out this page while master’s students should view this one.

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