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Western University Scholarships 2024-2025

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Western University, commonly known as Western, is a public research university in London, near the banks of the Thames River of Ontario, Canada. It is one of the U15 Group of research-intensive universities in Canada that promotes research enterprise to increase the economic and cultural development of the country. It was established as the Western University of London, Ontario, by Bishop Isaac Hellmuth.

The university has an annual research funding of up to $235 million, generating research publications that it shares across the globe. Since its early establishment, Western has engaged in the economic, social, health, and cultural development in Canada and the world. It welcomes over 3,200 international students from 117 countries and offers them world-class educational facilities and research centers.

Western is also one of the oldest universities in Canada. It has a beautiful campus featuring abundant green spaces surrounded by buildings of a mix of Gothic and Modern Architecture. It also offers a spectacular view of the river Thames where students can take a walk and relax by the solemn waters. It spans its strength in multiple disciplines and pioneering in high-quality education, research, and health care. Western has gained honorable recognition for its contribution that save lives during World War I.

Western University ranks in the top 170 of the 2022 QS World University Rankings.

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How Do I Apply to Western University Scholarships?

Western University offers a lot of scholarship opportunities to international students. These are funded by the institution, the Canadian Government, or other external organizations. The programs will grant students who have competent skills and knowledge in their fields of study.

Undergraduate applicants must have a minimum of 80% grade in all subject areas or courses in their Year 12 (or grades equivalent to Ontario Grade 12U- or M-level courses). The university will evaluate students based on their performance and qualification on GCE Advanced Level, International Baccalaureate, US High School/Accreditation, and Advanced Placement (AP). They will also recognize other qualifications that are equivalent to their admission requirements. Students must meet the requirements given by their chosen program, including the minimum scores of the English Language Proficiency Test.

Postgraduate applicants must have a Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree with at least a 70% of final average grade or equivalent. Students for Ph.D. programs must provide evidence of research potential and knowledge.

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Western University Scholarships for International Students

1. International President’s Entrance Scholarship

The International President’s Entrance Scholarship is exclusive to talented and outstanding young individuals pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at the Western University in Ontario, Canada. This Western University scholarship also recognizes students with excellent extra-curricular achievements in arts and athletics. Students may choose any available undergraduate degree program at the university.

All nationalities except for Canadian citizens may apply for the scholarship. Applicants must have a 90.0% final average grade (or equivalent) in their Year 12. They must be enrolling as a full-time student at the university. Students may receive a bursary reward of $20,000 on their first year and $10,000 on the second to the fourth year of their study period. This scholarship is highly competitive, with only 3 available slots. Students with high academic merits, exceptional extra-curricular achievements, and who show determination in their studies will receive the award.

Students must apply for admission at the Western University through Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) and obtain a nomination of their respective schools. Applicants may submit their application form and the required documents such as their academic transcripts, extra-curricular achievement certificates, English language test certificates, a reference letter, and their school nomination through the online portal.

2. Western Admission Scholarship Program

The Western Admission Scholarship program is for international and Canadian students who are fresh high school graduates and will pursue a Bachelor’s degree at the Western University in Ontario. The program covers three types of admission scholarships of different values depending on the final average obtained by the students during their Year 12. Applicants may receive up to $6,000 on their first year plus an additional $2,000 for those who stay and study abroad.

The general eligibility requirement for the scholarship is students must have a minimum of 90.0%-94.9% grade in all subject areas during their high school. They must pass the state board exam or present an equivalent qualification. Students must also meet specific English language proficiency levels depending on their chosen degree program.

Students who apply for admission in an undergraduate degree program at Western University will receive an automatic nomination for this scholarship at Western University. The university will determine what type of scholarship students will receive depending on their calculated admission grades. Students must not be recipients of other sponsorships such as a National Scholarship or the Schulich Leader Scholarship.

3. International Student Emergency Bursary Program

The International Student Emergency Bursary Program will assist international students in their undergraduate studies at Western University. Students with financial difficulties and who show excellent academic performance are eligible to apply for this Western University scholarship. However, they must be holding a valid Study Permit or Temporary Resident Permit (Minister’s Permit) upon applying for the program.

Students must be enrolling in a full-time undergraduate program at the main university campus. Those who register on affiliate colleges of Western University will not qualify for the program. There are special cases when students for part-time study will be accepted. Students must prove their financial needs which are not outcomes of lack of budget planning. The university will evaluate if the reasons for financial difficulties that students present are acceptable. Otherwise, their application will be denied.

Students must provide a photocopy of their study permit, proof of balance in their bank account, and documents that prove their current financial situation. They may also have to fill out a statement of their income and expenses within 8 months.

Interested applicants must get an International Student Advisor who will assess their eligibility for the program.

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