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Korea University Scholarships 2024-2025

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Founded in 1905, the Korea University is a private research institution that is established in the capital city of South Korea. Due to its large number of students, this college consists of two campuses, which contain nearly 40,000 students who are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate courses.

Among these students, there are about 2,000 international students who are attending Korea University, and nearly 1,000 of that number are taking part in Korean language courses, exchange programs, and short-term courses offered by Korea University.

When it comes to academic rankings, this institution has taken first place in QS Asia University Rankings, and in QS World University Rankings, Korea University is ranked 69th when compared to the world’s top universities. Now, let’s take a look at Korea University scholarships for international students.

How Do I Apply To Korea University Scholarships?

If you are interested in applying for undergraduate admissions, Korea University has created an admissions guideline that international applicants can easily follow. The guided outline will provide you with the steps that you can follow, but please remember that you need to carry out the steps by actually filling out the online application.

For international applicants interested in graduate admissions, you need to first select which graduate school that you are going to attend. Due to its large range of academic programs, each prospective applicant can choose one of 6 graduate schools at Korea University, and the application process is slightly different from one graduate school to another. Therefore, look carefully at this list of graduate schools, and after picking one, click on the link provided to see the application process.

For undergraduate scholarships, the application process for these scholarships is pretty simple since you only have to submit your admissions application. If you complete your admissions application, you will be automatically considered for the Korea University Undergraduate Scholarships.

For graduate scholarships, the application process is quite similar to what you did for graduate admissions. First, you need to select one of six graduate schools at Korea University, and after finishing the admissions application, you apply for the various scholarships offered by your graduate school.

Korea University Scholarships for International Students

1. Korea University Undergraduate Scholarships

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Half Tuition to Full Tuition for 4 Years
  • Degrees Offered: Undergraduate

Open to international applicants, this Korea University scholarship program is awarded only to the top percentage of the admitted students, which means that the Korea University Scholarship Council will only look at your academic GPA and your standardized testing scores (optional).

If you are an international student applying for an undergraduate program at Korea University, you are also eligible to apply for Korean Government Scholarship Program, which provides full-ride scholarship benefits for international students (full tuition, airfare, living stipend, health insurance, one-time settlement allowance).

2. Korea University Graduate School Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: 60% ~ Full Tuition Coverage, Monthly Stipend
  • Degrees Offered: Masters and Ph.D.

As I have said before, there are different graduate schools within Korea University, and this scholarship is only open to students who are applying for Korea University Graduate School. Available only to international applicants, this award is given to applicants who maintained a high GPA during their undergraduate years, and it is also based on your language test scores (TOEFL, TEPS, IELTS, or TOPIK).

English language proficiency tests are required even for native English speakers, so if you want to be considered for this Korea University scholarship program, please keep in mind that you need to receive a high grade in either TOEFL, TEPS, IELTS, or TOPIK.

3. Korea University Law School Scholarships of Excellence

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: 25% Tuition Coverage ~ Full Tuition Coverage
  • Degrees Offered: Masters and Ph.D. in School of Law

Similar to other scholarships at Korea University, this Scholarship of Excellence is offered to students who have maintained a high academic average, and the number of scholarship recipients changes each semester. Depending on merit and financial need, this scholarship program by Korea University is offered to prospective applicants of Korea University Law School.


If you are interested in applying for a graduate program offered by Korea University but your academic area of interest is not related to law, your option is not limited to just these three Korea University scholarships! As I have mentioned in previous sections, Korea University is separated into 6 different graduate schools, and each graduate school is in charge of varying academic departments.

After selecting your field of interest, pick the graduate school that offers your academic program. After applying for that particular graduate school, go to the homepage and click on the section for scholarships. Last but not least, don’t forget that the Korean Government has set up a full-ride scholarship program that is applicable to both undergraduate and graduate programs at top institutions in South Korea. If you want to get more information regarding this full-ride scholarship, please click on this link.

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