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McMaster University first opened its doors more than 129 years ago. Since then, it has been one of the leading research universities in the world. Currently, it is ranked as the #144 university worldwide and is home to more than 5,000 international students.

McMaster’s learning curriculum is based on the problem-based method. This popular teaching technique was pioneered at McMaster and has proven to be quite effective at creating brilliant students.

In recent years, it has pushed its research agenda, expanding into human and societal health. McMaster’s focus on inclusive mindset, global impact, innovative thinking, and collaborative learning; makes it a great option for students around the world.

If you want to learn more about McMaster’s vision and their story, check out their webpage. Now, let’s take a look at McMaster University scholarships for international students.

How do I apply to McMaster University’s Scholarships?

McMaster University offers different financial aid and scholarship options. Yet, in order to apply to them; you must first be enrolled in one of their two programs:

Undergraduate Program

Admissions to the Undergraduate program are reviewed according to the high school curricula of your home country. Your detailed school profile must be sent to McMaster before applying to check your qualifications. To be eligible, a minimum average of 80% must be achieved and a specific series of courses must have been taken. For a list of required classes please refer to this page.

Dates and deadlines for the online application and corresponding documents must also be checked according to the desired program. You can find more information on this webpage.

Additionally, an English language proficiency test must be taken to ensure that you have the minimum language level to be able to take your courses. IELTS, CAEL, TOEFL, and Duolingo English Test are some of the proficiency evaluations that are accepted by the university. There are some exceptions to this rule, and you can check them out here.

To apply to McMaster, the 105 OUAC form must be filled on the Ontario Universities Application Center Webpage. This is a universal application for universities in Ontario. Thus, it is important to select and provide the specific information that is required for McMaster.

For the General 105 form, you can click here and for specific McMaster information follow this link.

Graduate Program

McMaster offers more than 100 Master’s and Ph.D. level degrees. Application details and deadlines vary between programs but there are some general requirements.

To be eligible for a Master’s Degree, you must have an Honors Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum B+ average. Similarly, the Doctoral Degree is exclusive to Master’s graduates who have an average higher than B+ on their previous coursework.

Required documents for all programs includes official transcripts, two academic references, English language proficiency, a statement of interest, and any additional documents according to the program.

To prepare for your application to the graduate program, check this link for further requirements.

McMaster’s Scholarships for International Students

1. Provost Entrance Scholarship for International Students

  • Web Page
  • Scholarship Amount: CAD$7,500
  • Degrees Offered: Undergraduate

The Provost Entrance Scholarship, a top scholarship in McMaster University for undergraduate international students, is a special grant issued to international students. To be able to apply, you must be an international student visa holder and study at a high school in your home country.

In order to participate in this scholarship, a high school official must issue a reference letter. This document should evidence your academic trajectory, skills, and potential.

For further inquiries, please check the link above.

2. The Woo Family International Entrance Scholarships

  • Web Page
  • Scholarship Amount: CAD$10,000
  • Degrees Offered: Undergraduate

The Woo Family International Entrance Scholarship was created in 1999 by Mr. Ching How Woo in honor of his wife.

Every student is automatically considered for this McMaster University scholarship once they have been accepted at McMaster. To be chosen for this award you must be a student with international status and be currently enrolled to start a program at the university.

One thing to note here is that the scholarship is granted based on final admission averages.

You can visit the page above for more information on this scholarship.

3. Ontario Graduate Scholarship

  • Web Page
  • Scholarship Amount: CAD$12,000
  • Degrees Offered: Graduate Students

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship is a fellowship granted by the government of the province.

This scholarship at McMaster University is merit-based and can be applied to any discipline of academic study. To be eligible for this award, applicants must have an average above 80% and maintain it during their time in the program. International students are required to show proficiency in English when applying.

The nomination process occurs internally in the university and depends on the desired program. Some basic documents that must be provided include the application form, academic references, transcripts, plan of study, and previous research experience.

For more information, check the corresponding link above.

McMaster University offers other scholarships based on the program, the entry level and merit. For the full undergraduate list, you can check it out in this link. While the graduate scholarships can be found here.


Hopefully, the information on McMaster University scholarships for international students was helpful!

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