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Poland Scholarships 2024-2025

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Poland has been a popular choice for foreign citizens because it has been a long-time dream for students to be given an opportunity to experience the country’s expanding academic environment. Poland has also been soaring in educational rankings garnering a total of 19 universities in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Aside from their leading universities, the country also provides an enriching cultural background for students; let them experience the beauty of the country’s landmarks, city life, and unique social activities. Other than that, the best reason to study in this country is the Poland scholarships from the government, various institutions, and foundations.

Living Costs for International Students in Poland

Unlike any other European Union (EU) country, the cost of living in Poland is much cheaper and affordable because of their steady economy. International students who wish to study in Poland must prepare at least an estimate of 500 USD per month for their accommodation, food, and transportation expenditures.

Are International Students in Poland allowed to work?

International students who are not part of the European Union (EU) must possess a credible residence permit in order to be allowed to work in Poland. Students will also be permitted to work if they are enrolled in an institution.

Leading Universities in Poland

There are a lot of top-ranked universities in Poland as they have a very strict process to be accredited and be authorized to teach. With a strong foundation, it is no wonder why a good deal of Polish Universities has been globally known for international students. They also offer English classes for different fields of study, which makes them stand among other institutions. The top-ranked universities include the University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University, and Cracow University of Technology.

Best Scholarships in Poland

1. Government of Poland: Banach and Lukasiewicsz Scholarship

The Government’s existing scholarship programs such as the Banach and Lukasiewicz Scholarship were joined into one program by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the Polish Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), in aims to support international students from developing countries who wish to study in Poland. The program’s main objective is to help developing countries excel in socio-economic progress by increasing the student’s level of knowledge in a form of scholarship.

This Poland scholarship program is open and awarded in a number of countries and to be eligible, the student must meet all the following criteria:

  • Have no history for Polish citizenship application.
  • Intending to start a preparatory course or second-cycle in the current academic year.
  • In the last year or have acquired a first cycle study diploma in the fields of technical, agricultural, and natural sciences not earlier than 2019.
  • Must not have obtained a Master’s Degree.
  • Either a minimum B1 level of Polish language or a minimum of B2 level of the English language.

The awarded students will receive a monthly allowance of PLN 1700 during their preparatory course, and PLN 1500 for the second-cycle study. All scholarship holders will receive an increase of PLN 500 monthly scholarships from their first and last year of studies.

2. Lazarski Foundation Scholarship

Lazarski University offers an annual scholarship program for international students who wants to pursue their undergraduate and graduate studies in Poland. The program intends to support students who have a strong academic performance, skilled mindset, and are socially active, but have no adequate resources to finance their tuition expenses.

To be a candidate of the program, the applicant must apply through the university’s electronic application with all achievements, educational backgrounds, and necessary documents attached to the form. The committee will examine all applicants and get in touch with shortlisted candidates for an interview. Applicants who were granted this Poland scholarship will get their names published on the Foundation and University’s websites.

The awarded students will receive a grant money of PLN 20,000 per academic year which can help shelter a whole or partial tuition fee expense, depending on their chosen field of study. Local students are also eligible for the scholarship program but must have managed a 4.2 or above-average grade.

3. Maria Curie-Sklodowska University Scholarship

Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (UMCS), a wide-known public funded-university, offers an annual full financial scholarship program for international students who wish to study for their Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Poland. This full Poland scholarship is only eligible for students who will be taking up programs such as Internal Relations, Medical Biology, Tourism Management, etc. International students from all citizenship are encouraged to submit an application form through their website but they must first certify their English proficiency if English is not their native speech.

If granted by the university, the student will receive a full-tuition waiver scholarship and will be given an opportunity to engage in student’s organization, obtain experiences, participate in training, and develop their social and professional skills. This is important progress to develop and contribute to the student’s academic credentials.

4. Poland My First Choice- Scholarship Program

The ‘Poland My First Choice Scholarship Program’, is an annual scholarship in Poland addressed to international students who wish to pursue their Master’s degree in Poland. The program was administered as part of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) non-competition program in aims to engage skilled and talented students from selected countries to be educated at the greatest Polish Universities.

Poland My First Choice is open and awarded to students in selected countries and to be considered as an eligible applicant, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Have no history of Polish Citizenship Application
  • Acquired a diploma for the first cycle of study either in their native country or in Poland.
  • Must not have obtained a Master’s Degree
  • Applied for admission on the field of study with units that are of high-level or with catergory A or A+.
  • A minimum B2 level of Polish and English language

Foreign citizens who are awarded by this scholarship in Poland will be admitted to their chosen university and field of study which they independently applied for. They will also receive a monthly scholarship of PLN 2000 to shelter their personal and living expenditures. While on their study period, scholar holders must take into account their rights and obligations from the program.

5. SWPS University of Social Science and Humanities Scholarship Program

The SWPS University of Social Science and Humanities offers an annual scholarship program for international students who want to pursue full-time English programs in Poland. To qualify for this Poland scholarship, the applicants must submit the provided online application form containing all supporting documents specified on the University’s regulation.

An essay of strong athletic achievements and engagement on community-affiliated programs will also be submitted to help the institution select the best candidate for the position. The candidate must also prove their English proficiency if English is not their native speech to show that they are fit for the program.

The SWPS University Scholarship program will only be granted to ten (10) best candidate that will receive a cash prize sufficient enough to cover for their first year tuition fees. Other than that, the student must cover all other expenses. This program is open for students who want to apply for a Bachelor’s and Mater’s degree in any of the institutions English programs.

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