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Aside from being well-known to be the largest country in the world, Russia continues to show its excellence in catering to local and international students. The country has built a strong reputation as one of the leading mass education structures in the world which is why it attracted a lot of international students as a study destination.

Russia also provides a very helpful comfort space for international students since they offer a multicultural environment due to a lot of studying students from other countries. Although there are still cultural differences as the country has built a rich culture, Russia has been continuously striving to provide the best accommodation to engage international students and feel welcome. Now, let’s take a look at the Russian scholarships for international students.

Cost of Living Expenses for International Students in Russia

Since Russia is not much of an expensive country unlike other European Union (EU) countries, international students need to prepare an estimate of 300-500 USD to cover all their expenditures. These comprise accommodation, medical, food, and other personal expenses.

Are International Students permitted to work in Russia?

Yes, international students who are accredited on a full time course at state universities will be given permits that they may use if they want to work in the country. As long as the student can manage their work and study hours, they are allowed to work at the same time.

Best Universities in Russia

Russia has been globally known to have a rich history of providing high-quality education to its students. Because of that, Russian Universities became more popular for international students. The top universities in Russia according to the Russian University Rankings are Moscow State University, National Research University Higher School of Economics, and St. Petersburg State University.

Best Scholarships in Russia

1. Study in Russia: Government-funded Scholarship Program for International Students

The Government of the Russian Federation offers an annual Russia scholarship for international students who want to study in this country. The applicants only need to select their program from 741 universities across the country’s 82 regions and undergo a competitive competition to be awarded. This annual grant is open to all degrees—Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate, including professional training as well as career development.

To qualify, the applicant must pass a notarised Russian translated copy of documents such as identification cards, education certificates, medical forms, and any other needed documents for admission. The set of applicants will then undergo a competitive selection through interviews, tests, and academic competitions. If chosen, the applicants will receive a confirmation of enrollment from the Russian Federation and will receive the program’s benefits of free expense on tuition, student accommodation, and allowance.

2. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) Scholarship

The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology also known as MPIT, is a leading university in Russia, famous for its reputable rankings in the field of physics and technology, as ranked by the QS Global World Rankings, 2022. The institution has made a strong and rich history in the field of science which is why it is a favored study destination for students who not only wants to gain intellect but practical skills as well.

Every year, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) offers Russia scholarships specifically for international students who want to study in this country. The program is eligible to all foreign countries and is open in different levels— Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate. To be qualified as MIPT scholars, the applicants’ must comply with the following;

  • Application form
  • Passport valid after eighteen (18) months after the expected date of the start of their study program.
  • Medical forms verifying no existing medical restrictions such as HIV/AIDS for studying in Russia.
  • B2 or equivalent English proficiency.
  • Other supporting documents of their academic background— Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s certificates.

The institution will then assess and grant the scholarship to deserving students who demonstrated a solid potential in their academic performance. If granted, the student will receive supports or financial aids on the tuition fee of the course or program they have applied for.

3. Higher School of Economics (HSE) Scholarship Program for Master’s Level

Higher School of Economics (HSE), one of the highest standard institutions in Russia, also offers several scholarships for international students residing in any of the foreign countries. This merit-based scholarship in Russia is available to undergraduates who want to pursue their Master’s degree at HSE University. To be eligible, the candidate must possess any of the following:

  • High and competitive results on the entrance examinations.
  • Accomplished a fraction of Bachelor’s or Master’s program at HSE as exchange learners, with agreements from both the HSE University and foreign academic institutions.
  • Participation results from the Summer University Programs.
  • Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in the courses offered by HSE University.
  • Participated in the Russian Scholarship Project

Non-native speakers are also recommended to take an English Proficiency Test for higher chances of admission. If granted, the Higher School of Economics (HSE) will cover between 25 to 100 percent of the tuition fees, depending on the eligibility and criteria they qualified to. In the event where the applicant has passed multiple criteria, he/she may select only one scholarship of his/her choice. Other than the tuition covered by the university, all personal expenses must be covered by the student.

4. Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Program

The Russian Scholarship Project also known as the “Olympiad” opens its doors to international students who would like to enroll for Master’s and Ph.D. degrees to any of the 500 Russian universities, comprising 21 leading universities in Russia for free.

The registration for this program is open to all students who have acquired a Bachelor’s degree in the year of the Olympiad. To be a part of the program, applicants must register online through their official site for them to get access to the Olympiad schedules and policies. The selection for the scholarship program will be held in two (2) rounds for the Master’s and three (3) rounds for the Ph.D. degrees. The first round will revolve around the applicant’s portfolios; the second will be problem-solving questions, and the third will be a selection of a research superintendent for the chosen Ph.D. program followed by an interview with them.

Those who were chosen and granted for the Master’s program will get an apportionment for enrolling in one of the Olympiad’s offered Ph.D. programs, while those who applied for a Ph.D. degree will receive a written endorsement of acceptance from the selected research superintendent. All programs will be taught in Russian and English; if not in the level of standard proficiency, the student must improve through studying for a preparatory faculty first which is also funded from the federal budget. All winners of this Russia scholarship program will receive free early admission and no entrance examinations at any Russian Universities. The free tuition benefit will be covered by the Russian Federation.

5. St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Scholarship

Petersburg Polytechnic University also offers an annual government–funded scholarship for international students. However, the applicant must first communicate to their home country’s Ministry of Education or through Rossotrudnichestvo for the requirements. If granted this scholarship in Russia, the applicant will need to follow the before-after procedures. This includes:

Before Arrival:

  • Application Form
  • Legalized translated Russian education documents (Certificate/Diploma/Transcripts)
  • Arrival Confirmation

After Arrival:

  • Check-in the Dormitory
  • Pa and migration card three (3) days after arrival.
  • Proceed at the University with their documents in hand before getting admitted and enrolled.

St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SpbPU) involves independent scholarship opportunities that would cover tuition and accommodation expenses at the University. This is only open to Bachelor’s and Master’s program applicants. Scholarship students will undergo a qualification exam for Master’s; and entrance exam/interview for the PhD degree before getting admitted successfully.

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