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Located in the Iberian Peninsula and having access to both the sunny Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean through the Bay of Biscay, Spain is one of the more affordable countries in Europe, hence its popularity in tourists, businessmen, and students alike. For students, having around 50 universities in international rankings will urge curious minds to research programs in this European country.

More than the quintessential tapas on late afternoons and museum-hopping in the capital Madrid, Spain has so much to offer in terms of furthering education to local and international students alike. Here, we will discuss some of the best scholarships in Spain for international students.

Living Costs in Spain for International Students

For an average international student in Spain, expect to shell around €500 in accommodations either in student dorms or apartments. This can go higher in urbanized cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. You can get by with €230 in basic utilities, including your internet plan. For transportation needs, students opt for a monthly pass worth around €50 compared to more expensive trains. Also, to get by with little costs, students buy groceries worth around €300.

Can International Students Work in Spain?

Students can perform part-time work if they own a student visa. They should not exceed 20 hours per week in their work. Take note that this privilege can only last until the expiry of the student visa, in which case, another applicable visa must be obtained.

Top Universities in Spain

You are looking at the right place: most of the universities in Spain rank internationally. Most of these universities are in the large cities of Barcelona and Madrid. These universities include the public university Universitat de Barcelona, Pompeu Fabra University, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Autonomous University of Madrid, the University of Navarra, and the University of Valencia.

Best Scholarships in Spain

1. Barcelona Graduate School of Economics Scholarships

The Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (GSE) located in the Catalonian city of Barcelona, offers different levels of scholarships for students of all nationalities. To be considered for the scholarship in its master’s programs, the applicant should show that they have excellent academic records.

Tuition at the Barcelona GSE graduate programs cost about €16500 in tuition fees. If you are lucky, you can be of the students to receive one of the following scholarships in Spain:

  • 25% tuition fee waiver
  • 50% tuition fee waiver
  • 75% tuition fee waiver
  • 100% tuition fee waiver
  • Full scholarship, which may include allowances

2. Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

Spain holds the recognition as having the most international students accepted for the Erasmus program. This is not surprising since everything—from the language to the culture—fascinates students from all over the world. Not to mention, the cost of living in Spain is lower than its counterparts in other EU countries. The master’s degrees available comprise a long list—be prepared to choose among the estimated 70 available where a Spanish university is included in this highly mobile program.

This scholarship is highly competitive and will depend on your undergraduate grades, extracurricular activities, relevant activities that take up your time, and work references, among others. If successful, the student may receive partial or full funding, depending on the deliberations of the Erasmus board. An example is the program Chemical Innovation and Regulation wherein one semester will be held in Universitat de Barcelona. Estimated costs paid for by the scholarship for the whole duration of the program ranges from €47000 to €49000, including the tuition fees, travel costs, and living allowance for a full scholarship.

Erasmus opens the doors to other higher education institutions in the country, not only the top rankers in international university rankings. This should make international students more discerning of their future career paths because of the overwhelming choices.

3. Government of Spain Collaboration Scholarships

The Spanish government, through its education ministry (Ministerio De Educación Y Formación Profesional) provides various student aids for different higher education levels. One example of financial aid is the collaboration scholarship (Becas de Colaboración) which they opened to research students who are in their last years of studies before obtaining the degree. The government is offering this €2000 financial aid to 2400 students who should have finished at least 75% of their courses.

For the grade requirement of this Spain scholarship, students should have the following averages to be eligible:

  • Engineering and Architecture – 7.25
  • Social and Legal Sciences – 7.70
  • Health Science – 7.80
  • Arts and Humanities – 8.00

This means, undergraduate and graduate students of the above faculties or departments are eligible to apply and are open to any Spanish university.

4. Luis Vives Scholarships at the University of Valencia

The University of Valencia is one of the top universities in Spain. Located in the Mediterranean city of Valencia, the university also offers scholarships for its local Spanish student population as well as its growing international student population. The Luis Vives Scholarship is one of the various scholarships provided by the UV. This scholarship is named after one of the notable Spanish philosophers during the 1500s, Juan Luis Vives.

You can be eligible for a full tuition fee waiver after having excellent academic records in your undergraduate years. You are also eligible to have your full stay at the university paid for by this Spain scholarship. The caveat is that you must return to your home country to impart the knowledge that you have obtained through your master’s education in the UV.

For perspective, undergraduate courses in the UV are worth around €5000 of tuition fees for 240 credits.

5. European Talent Scholarships at UB Business School

The University of Barcelona (Universitat de Barcelona) is ranked 3rd in Spain and has proved a consistent showing in international rankings. This public university in Barcelona is providing financial aid in its Business School.

To receive this Spain scholarship worth €3500 for an Executive MBA student, a student must be able to show commendable skills in business excellence and leadership, two traits that are honed at business schools. They should be able to prove their experience in their profession, aside from their innovation and marketing skills. To provide context, the UB Business School Executive MBA tuition fee is €11700, excluding other fees.


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