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Trinity College Dublin Scholarships 2024-2025

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Trinity College Dublin (TCD) is a highly competitive university that aims to provide high-quality education to outstanding students from different countries. Trinity is the number one university in Ireland. It has produced some of the most brilliant minds in the country, ranging from Nobel laureates in literature to award-winning researchers to high-profile government leaders since its establishment in 1592. The college values ‘Community and Connection’ in its mission to address the challenges of the future.

Its CORE lies in civic action, organization, research, and education.

Trinity has maintained its high status in the academic industry by focusing on its clear set of goals. These goals include the promotion of a diverse and inclusive community and the expansion of its global network. It also supports a transformative student experience through next-generation teaching and learning.

In addition, research and innovation at TCD gear towards quality, impact, sustainability, and social responsibility. Even after over 400 years, Trinity College Dublin continues to develop to keep up with the growing demands of the Irish and the international society. Here, we will be looking at some of the best scholarships available at Trinity College Dublin`

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How do I apply to the Trinity College Dublin Scholarships?

Trinity College Dublin works in partnership with many various foundations and the Government of Ireland to offer several scholarships for international students. Scholarship offers are available based on nationality, academic merit, or degree program.

One of the most common requirements for applying to Trinity College Dublin scholarships is an offer letter to the degree program the applicant wants to enter. As such, applicants must first meet the requirements of the program before applying for a scholarship.

Undergraduate degree applicants who do not meet the academic requirements may instead apply for the Trinity International Foundation Program. The program aims to help prospective students earn the necessary qualifications to enter regular undergraduate school. You may find more admission information here.

Admission into TCD is highly competitive and depends mainly on academic merit. You may check the list of courses and their corresponding requirements on this page. Applicants may also check the country-specific entry requirements by visiting this link.

Another common requirement for scholarship applications is a letter stating how you can contribute to the Trinity College community. You must limit your answer to 200 words, and the content must be relevant to the scholarship.

Interested applicants must prepare documents such as a CV, a resume, a certified copy of the transcript of records, and two recommendation letters in English.

English is the medium of instruction in Ireland. Students from non-native English-speaking countries must provide a language competency certificate during the admission process. You may find the list of acceptable language proficiency certificates and scores here.

International students may visit the Irish Immigration website to check the student visa requirements and procedures.

You can find more details about non-EU admissions at Trinity College and the application deadlines by visiting this page.

Trinity College Dublin Scholarships for International Students

1. Global Business Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: €5,000
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor in Business Studies

International students from non-EU member countries planning to take up Bachelor in Business Studies at TCD may apply for the Global Business Scholarship. This scholarship at Trinity College Dublin is available for qualified applicants who meet academic requirements and show potential to contribute to the TCD community.

The scholarship offers a €5,000 deduction from the tuition fees. This offer is valid only in the first year of the program.

2. Government of Ireland Scholarships

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: €10,000
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor, Master, Doctoral

Students from non-EEA member countries may apply for a scholarship grant worth €10,000 for educational and living costs. TCD will waive the tuition and registration fees for the scholarship year.

The Government of Ireland offers this scholarship available at Trinity College Dublin for the last year of a Bachelor’s Degree, one year of a taught Master’s Degree program, or one year of a Master’s or Doctoral Degree research program.

3. E3 Balanced Solutions for a Better World Undergraduate Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: tuition fee deduction
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor

Non-EU applicants holding an offer letter from eligible undergraduate courses at TCD can apply for this scholarship. You may check the list of eligible degree programs on the scholarship link.

Scholars can use the scholarship grants ranging between €2,000 and €4,000 as tuition fee deductions. Twenty outstanding scholars can avail themselves of a €4,000 scholarship for four years.

Prospective students with offers from BSc Environmental Science and Engineering and Joint Honors Computer Science and Geography may apply for a scholarship grant worth €10,000 for the first year and €4,000 for each succeeding year.

4. Global Excellence Undergraduate Scholarship

This Trinity College Dublin scholarship is available for full-time undergraduate students from non-EU countries. It is valid for only one year.

Successful applicants may receive a tuition fee deduction worth €5,000.

Applicants from China, the US, and India may apply for the same scholarship through their country-specific pages.

5. E3 Balanced Solutions for a Better World Postgraduate Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Varies depending on the degree program
  • Degrees Offered: Master (Engineering, Computer Science and Statistics, Natural Science, MSc in Energy Science, MPhil in Environmental History)

The scholarship is valid for one year and varies depending on the degree program. The standard value ranges from €2,000 to €4,000 in the form of a tuition fee deduction.

This Trinity College Dublin scholarship program offers one full scholarship for MSc in Electronic Information Engineering and a €10,000 scholarship for MSc in Smart and Sustainable Cities.

6. Mitchell Scholarship

US citizens from 18-30 years old who plan to pursue a postgraduate degree in Ireland may apply for the Mitchell Scholarship. The scholarship is valid for one year. It covers the tuition, accommodation, living costs, and travel costs.

The scholarship aims to promote leadership among scholars and unity between the US and Ireland. Applicants must show excellent academic achievement, leadership, and commitment to public and community service.

Undergraduate students may find course-specific scholarships from this page and scholarships for international undergraduate students here.


International students may check other available postgraduate scholarships at the Trinity College Dublin on this page.

You may also visit this link for country-specific scholarships and application requirements.

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