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Studying in Ukraine is becoming popular due to its quality of education, low tuition fees, and living costs. Enrolling in a program in Ukraine may be a perfect choice for many international students as the expenses are minimal compared to studying in cities in Western Europe.

With around 75,000 international students from roughly 150 countries around the globe, the most significant percentage of the international student body comes from India, along with Turkey, China, and Israel in the top 10.

Most international students pursue a degree in medicine, making Ukraine a highly-rated country for becoming a certified and internationally acknowledged medical practitioner. Most universities do not require prospective students to submit IELTS or TOEFL certification, and some even provide programs in international languages, such as English or French.

Getting a globally recognized international degree while exploring culturally diverse post-Soviet cities, churches, and the welcoming countryside is a great reason to get a Ukraine scholarship.

Living Costs in Ukraine for International Students

International students can live comfortably in Ukraine, as it is one of the most affordable European destinations for moving in to live and study. An annual budget ranging from $1,500 to 2500 can provide a comfortable living.

Excluding tuition fees and accommodation, average monthly expenses can range from $70 to 150, depending on the student’s lifestyle. For example, while staying in a one-bedroom apartment in Kyiv’s downtown can cost around $250 a month, accommodation outside the city center would cost half of it. A budget option is a stay in a shared room at a student dorm, which would amount to as little as $70.

Monthly food expenses can be minimal in a student cafeteria. While an occasional meal in a restaurant can cost around $5, it still does not break the budget of approximately $100 a month. Internet, textbook fees, and transportation cards would add up to an extra $50.

Can international students work in Ukraine?

While it may be legal to work in Ukraine with a student visa, getting a highly paid job is difficult. Unless a student has highly sought-for skills, it might be challenging to make around 400$ a month for a 40-hour workweek while studying.

Top Universities in Country:

According to QS World University Rankings of 2024, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University is the top-rated Ukrainian university, ranked 477 globally. Located in the second-largest city – Kharkiv, this university gave the world three Nobel Laureates in sciences.

The second-rated is the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, famous for the widest variety of research fields in the country.

Kharkiv houses the third best-ranked Ukrainian university, National Technical University, also known as Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, which has the highest reputation for research and education.

The fourth top-rated university is the National Technical University of Ukraine – “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute,” a leading institution for innovations.

Best Scholarships in Ukraine:

1. Ukrainian International Education Council

The UIEC Scholarship is a government-funded state scholarship in Ukraine. The UIEC is a top-class scholarship as it can fully cover the student’s tuition. That said, it is a highly competitive program with a limited and exclusive number of openings. Also, before applying for it, the applicant should first check if the home country offers a student exchange agreement with Ukraine.

There are two main types of students who can receive the UIEC scholarship award – gifted students and students from developing countries. In both cases, the home government must fully support and recommend either a talented student or a hard-working student who cannot afford to study abroad.

This rewarding experience comes with a flavor – this Ukraine scholarship includes learning about Ukrainian culture and tradition so that the prospective student would get in-depth knowledge of the country of stay.

2. Boren Awards

Boren Awards scholarship is a program specializing in awarding prospective U.S. students with grants in South Asia, Middle East, and Eastern Europe, among other areas. This rewarding scholarship in Ukraine offers up to $30,000 for grantees interested in the less favored countries and languages.

The future Boren grantee would be expected to study the country’s language at length. In addition, this scholarship offers employment in the U.S. departments of defense and national security upon completion as a part of the grant requirement.

The offered fields of study encompass many sciences and humanities in the undergraduate program – especially students interested in STEM – engineering, medical sciences, environmental studies, or public health, among other majors. Students interested in social sciences, humanities, and liberal arts are also welcome to apply.

3. Education Future International Scholarship

The Education Future International Scholarship is an Indian government program that enables students from all over the world to study in any country of their choice, except for India. That being said, one of the main requirements is to be an Indian passport holder. Another requirement is proof of lower financial income to receive the grant.

This Ukraine scholarship covers half of the tuition fees, and the grantee would be required to return the other 50% of the scholarship received in the form of a loan. The EFIS fund offers scholarships from $13,500 to 67,000 (two to ten Indian lakhs).

As Ukraine is an affordable country for living and studying, many Indian students interested in MMBS would grab this opportunity to receive their dream degree in medical sciences.

4. School of Russian and Asian Studies Scholarship

School of Russian and Asian Studies Scholarship, SRAS, is a grant awarded to those students who wish to immerse themselves in the Ukrainian language and culture. For students who want to practice either Ukrainian or Russian and live in a homestay in the beautiful city of Kyiv, this is a precious opportunity to learn the language through the context of understanding its geopolitics, cultural identity, or history.

The one-year language program is highly immersive and provides opportunities to learn Ukrainian in and out of the classroom. An applicant will have a chance to learn about the post-Soviet country and its position in the Soviet past while discovering its European present. In addition, this Ukraine scholarship will provide opportunities to visit the most important cities and landmarks in Ukraine, such as Odesa, medieval monasteries, or WWII monuments and museums.

SRAS scholarship covers the tuition fees, homestays, and medical insurance, and the allocated fund ranges from $9,000 to 12,000 per semester.

5. IREX Scholarship

IREX is a scholarship focusing on impacting the community, empowering community leaders, and sharing their stories through engaged media outlets.

With outreach in around 100 countries globally, IREX offers a fantastic opportunity for applicants to spend a whole year up to 18 months in Ukraine to develop their media-related skills and share their knowledge.

IREX provides a scholarship in Ukraine for media broadcasters and related fields. The program is limited to applicants from the U.S. who wish to make a significant change in the Ukrainian communities by cooperating with Ukrainian broadcasting professionals. Eligible grantees should already be employed in news agencies, online media, marketing or sales, or strategic business management.


There you have it .You should definitely apply to these Ukraine scholarships for international students!

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