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University of Oslo Scholarships 2024-2025

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The University of Oslo is a comprehensive research-intensive public university in Oslo, Norway. It is the country’s oldest and largest educational institution since its establishment in 1811. The university has been part of the country’s economic development and holds a wide international reputation. Here, we will discuss the various scholarships available at the Unviersity of Oslo.

With over 1,454 international students from different parts of the world, the university celebrates and welcomes diverse cultural heritage in its premises. Oslo, the host city of the university, offers a vibrant student city life. It is a beautiful place surrounded by hills and mountains that gives students a relaxing view while keeping themselves busy with their studies.

The University of Oslo holds five Nobel Laureates and eight awards for National Centers of Excellence. It is pioneering in molecular biology and neurosciences. It is also the top-leading research institution in Norway with strengths in Humanities and Social Sciences and Science and Technology.

With its cutting-edge technology and research facilities, the University of Oslo ranks the 3rd best amongst the Nordic countries and 17th in Europe.

How do I Apply to The University of Oslo Scholarships?

Students for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees will receive free tuition fees. However, applicants for doctoral studies will pay tuition fees depending on their research or study program. Students may also receive sponsorships from other funding programs or international organizations to support their living expenses in Norway.

The university will allow applications for undergraduate studies if applicants prove their proficiency in Norwegian. All undergraduate courses are in Norwegian. However, the university won’t be providing the language course before admission.

General requirements for students applying for admission on a master’s program at the university includes at least three years of full-time study in an undergraduate/ Bachelor’s program (must have included least 1/2 years of full-time study in a subject related to their chosen coursework) and an English and Norwegian Proficiency test certificate.

Applicants for doctoral programs at the university require a minimum of a five-year Master’s degree or equivalent that includes a completed thesis or study of at least 30 ECTS.

Students must prepare all required entry requirements to Norway upon receiving their acceptance letter for admission at the University. They will need to apply for a student residence permit (a student visa will only allow them to stay up to 90 days). The shortlist of documents required for student residence visa application includes an application form with a photograph, a scanned copy of the student’s valid passport, a copy of their admission letter at the university, and other supporting documents.

For more information on admission applications at the University of Oslo, click here.

University of Oslo Scholarships for International Students

1. University of Oslo Free Tuition for International Students

The University of Oslo provides a no tuition fee policy for Norwegian and international students who will pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at their university. The government allocates an annual budget of NOK 5 billion for the institution. It only charges a semester registration fee of NOK 600 to students.

Wherein, students could benefit from the services of the Student Welfare Organization (SIO) from their payments. Doctoral students applying for a Ph.D. research or coursework might have to pay tuition fees depending on their chosen research or study programs.

Students will have to pay for their food, accommodation, transportation, and other living expenses, which budget can get up to NOK 8,300-10,400 per month. This estimated cost may defer depending on the student’s spending amount.

Applicants for Bachelor’s degree have to provide English Language Proficiency and Norwegian Language test certificates to qualify for the university’s undergraduate programs. All of their Bachelor’s coursework is in Norwegian. Students must undergo an intensive language course at or before their entry at the university.

Admission requirements may vary in different undergraduate or Master’s programs. Students must check the program they are applying for to get a list of all required documents before proceeding with an online application. Also, check here to obtain a specific list of Master’s programs taught in English.

2. The International Summer School (Free Tuition Fee)

The International Summer School of the University of Oslo offers a wide range of undergraduate and Master’s programs for international students during the summer. Students can take up to 2 undergraduate levels of studies or 1 Master’s level coursework in Art, Architecture and Design, Gender equality, Film, Literature, Political Science, Human Rights, and Peace Studies. There are courses available in English, and Norwegian (for undergraduate programs)

Students may check here for specific documents required in their country of origin.

General requirements include scanned copies of their valid passport, English language proficiency certificate, academic transcripts and diplomas, statement of purpose, and CV/resume (for Master’s program applicants)

Applicants may submit their supporting documents through their online application portal.

3. Mobility Grant for Norwegian Language and Literature

  • Link to the scholarship page
  • Scholarship amount: up to NOK 5,000 travel allowances and a NOK 11,229 monthly stipend
  • Degrees offered: Master’s & Ph.D.

The Mobility Grant will offer financial support to postgraduate applicants outside Norway whose area of research or study is in the Norwegian language or Norwegian literature. This University of Oslo scholarship will support candidates within one to three months of fieldwork research conducted at a Norwegian higher educational/research institution. The applicant must have a tutor specializing within their field who will act as their supervisor during their stay at their chosen research institution in Norway. They may ask for a list of contacts from professors of their local university or browse here.

Students must read the guidelines for this scholarship at the University of Oslo first before proceeding with their application. They must prepare their project or research plan, provide contact details of their tutor and their chosen higher educational institution in Norway. Students may submit their online application form here and attach required files such as a recommendation letter from their home institution and a personal invitation letter from the Norwegian institution.

The Programme Committee for Norwegian Studies Abroad will contact the applicant for the results of their application after their assessment.

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