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University of Zurich Scholarships 2024-2025

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The University of Zurich (UZH) is the largest university in Switzerland, with 138 years of experience in excellence. It specializes in research, economics, humanities, natural sciences, medicine, and veterinary science. It has a strong commitment to freedom in teaching and research but at the same time encourages social responsibility in practicing this freedom. UZH’s location is ideal for its goal of establishing partnerships with hospitals and providing the general public access to their libraries and museums. Here, we will go discuss the various University of Zurich scholarships for international students.

The university honors equality and diversity. It is apparent in the almost equal ratio of male to female staff and students. It is also remarkably one of the few universities that respect animal rights. Moreover, roughly 15% of the student population at UZH consists of international students. The university aims to see a visible increase in this percentage with more English-taught courses being offered. It also promotes interdisciplinary exchange and transfer of knowledge with its global partners to achieve growth through diversity.

How do I apply to the University of Zurich Scholarships?

Switzerland is a highly developed country, and the cost of living there is one of the highest in the world. International students need to consider this so that they can find a scholarship that will suit their needs. If you want to learn more about the estimated cost of living when studying at the University of Zurich, please visit this link.

International students seeking degree courses at the University of Zurich have to pay higher tuition fees and miscellaneous. You may find the summary of fees here.

Most scholarships available at the university require confirmed admission to the course. While applying for a course, you may indicate that you are also planning to apply for a scholarship. Make sure to check the application deadline for your degree of choice by visiting the course department’s page.

Most courses at the University of Zurich are taught in the German language. Foreign language students must get at least a level C1 proficiency. Some scholarship programs may require this certification.

Applicants from other countries also need to meet the visa requirements for studying in Switzerland. Please click here for more details.

You may also reach out to the Student Financial Aid Office if you have inquiries or need assistance regarding student loans and scholarships. The office can provide more detailed information about the scholarships available based on your needs. You may check the updated contact information by visiting this page.

For international students who have already completed their first semester at the University of Zurich with an average of 5 in the Swiss grading system, you may apply for financial aid by registering through this link.

The university does not offer scholarships for Master’s Degree applicants who didn’t earn their Bachelor’s Degree from a Swiss university. Interested applicants may apply for a state scholarship or a private scholarship instead.

University of Zurich Scholarships for International Students

1. UBS Center Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: CHF42,500 per year plus tuition fees
  • Degrees Offered: Ph.D. Degree at the UZH Graduate School of Economics

The UBS Center for Economics in Society at the University of Zurich offers this scholarship to two outstanding international students every year. This University of Zurich scholarship covers the living cost, allowance, and tuition fees. It is valid for four years. Continuing support will be subject to evaluation of student’s course work progress and performance.

While applying for admission to the UZH Graduate School of Economics, applicants must indicate their interest in applying for the scholarship.

This scholarship does not impose bonds or duties on awardees after they finish their doctorate.

2. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: variable (depending on program and country of origin)
  • Degrees Offered: Ph.D. in scientific research; Master’s Degree in Arts

The Switzerland Federal Commissions for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS) awards this scholarship to international students who wish to study at a university in Switzerland, including the University of Zurich.

Research degree applicants must possess a minimum of a Master’s Degree, while Art degree applicants must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree. Interested applicants must secure a nomination from an academic mentor at UZH. You may find some answers on how to get in touch with prospective mentors by visiting this page.

This link offers more information about the application process for this scholarship at the University of Zurich. The process, eligibility criteria, and grant details vary from country to country. Make sure to check the details carefully.

3. Scheller Kunz Scholarship Fund

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: grant for one semester (indefinite)
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Humanities

International students who practice Protestantism may apply for this scholarship. Interested applicants may get more information about the details of the scholarship grant from the Dean’s Office of the Theological faculty. Please visit the scholarship link for the updated contact information.

4. Solidarity Fund Foundation for Foreign Students in Zurich

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: CHF750 per month
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor; Master

Currently enrolled Bachelor’s Degree students who have not received a state scholarship and cannot finance their studies by themselves can apply for this University of Zurich scholarship. They must finish at least one semester at the University of Zurich before applying and show proof of financial need.

Master’s Degree students can only avail of this scholarship if they have earned their Bachelor’s Degree at a Swiss university.

5. Forschungskredit Candoc

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: CHF50,000 – 100,000
  • Degrees Offered: Ph. D.

International students who intend to pursue a Ph.D. at UZH can apply for Candoc funding. This funding is valid for 24 months, but scholars may request a maximum extension of 12 months. This University of Zurich scholarship will cover the scholars’ salary and material costs for the Ph.D. research project.

Applicants must be enrolled at UZH to qualify for the scholarship. Those who have not enrolled yet may still apply as long as they can present a binding confirmation with their prospective supervisor at the university.

For short-term and international exchange scholarships, international students at UZH may find more information here.

Ph.D. students may learn more about available grants and financial aids by visiting this page.

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