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The University of Montreal is one of the largest French-language public research universities in North America. It was founded as a branch campus of Université de Laval in 1878 until it established its name as the University of Montreal in 1919. The main campus situates on the northwestern flank of Mount Royal in the neighborhood of Outremont and Côte-des-Neiges.

The educational institution encompasses thirteen faculties with more than sixty departments and two affiliated schools; the Polytechnique Montréal  (School of Engineering) and the HEC Montréal (School of Business). The school offers more than 650 undergraduate and postgraduate programs, 71 doctoral courses, and 465 research units and departments. Accordingly, it ranked third in the top 50 research universities worldwide with over $500 million of external research funding.

The University of Montreal proudly presents its affinity for different cultures with over 80% of foreign nationals from European, Asian, and Western countries. It is known for its multicultural diversity, lowest tuition fee rates across North America, and the safely engaging bilingual community.

According to Times Higher Education, it ranks 73rd in the world. It has the largest student population in Quebec, Canada, and the third top-performing research university among all other Canadian institutions. Now, let’s take a look at the University of Montreal Scholarships for international students.

How Do I Apply to University of Montreal Scholarships?

University of Montreal invites international students to experience a world-renowned bilingual and multicultural community in their institution. To obtain a support grant, students must first apply for admission at the UdeM.

The Government of Quebec, the host city of UdeM, requires a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) along with a full-time study permit and a visitor’s visa or an Electronic Authorization (eTA) from the Canadian Government before leaving the country of origin. Accordingly, the student must acquire a valid passport before they can enter the borders of Canada.

Undergraduate applicants must submit an admission application form together with an official copy of their high school diploma, pre-university transcripts from the last two years of secondary studies, proof of French language proficiency, and a copy of their birth certificate.

Generally, basic requirements on admission for postgraduate and doctoral studies include a Bachelor’s degree and/or a Master’s degree with an equivalent GPA of 3.00 out of a 4.3 scale, respectively. Applicants must also submit their official transcripts, a certificate of English and French language proficiency, and a letter of recommendation.

University of Montreal offers scholarship programs for international students to study abroad and experience the elegance of Quebec, Canada. International students may apply for French-language speaking training preceding their start of study term and join an intensive francization program at the university.

Read more below to learn about how to apply for available UdeM Scholarships.

University of Montreal Scholarships for International Students

1. University of Montreal Exemption Scholarship Program

  • Link to the scholarship page
  • Scholarship Amount: undergraduate programs with a maximum funding amount of $11,998; postgraduate programs with $9,787.95; and doctoral programs with the tuition fee of $21,038.13 per academic year
  • Degrees Offered: Undergraduate, Master’s, and/or Ph.D.

The University of Montreal Exemption Scholarship Program offers financial assistance to international students who dream of studying in one of the largest multiculturally diverse campuses in the world and the foremost French-speaking research university in Canada. The primary mission is to attract the finest and most talented individuals to enrich the cultural diversity of the UdeM community.

Applicants for undergraduate programs may benefit from this University of Montreal scholarship on which values apply on different levels depending on the academic record submitted during the admission application. An applicant could receive an amount ranging from $2,000 to $11,998 that only credits programs with tuition fees of not less than $24,607.80 per academic year.

A partial exemption of additional tuition fees will support international students who will pursue graduate studies at UdeM. Additionally, this scholarship will offer a subsidy amount of $9,787.95 per annum and is only applicable to Master’s degree courses with tuition fees of not less than $27,992.70 per academic year.

Doctoral students from abroad are exempt from any additional tuition fees. Consequently, they will receive a scholarship with a total amount of $21,038.13 per year to apply to any Ph.D. coursework with tuition fees of not less than $25,125.93 per annum.

International students who hold a study permit and enroll as full-time students at UdeM and are not accepting any other forms of tuition fee exemption grant are guarantee to benefit from the University of Montreal Scholarship Exemption Grant.

2. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships honors the late Major-General Georges-Philéas Vanier, the first French-Canadian Governor General of Canada and a former Canadian soldier and diplomat. The program offers financial aid to doctoral students who want to pursue their Ph.D. studies at any Vanier CGS-allocated Canadian university. Canadian citizens, foreign individuals who hold a permanent Canadian residence, and international students are eligible for nomination on this University of Montreal scholarship program.

Scholars expect to uplift the world reputation of Canadian campuses in terms of academic excellence and higher education by sharing their leadership skills and high standard doctoral studies in the field of humanities and social sciences, health-related researches, natural sciences, and engineering.

Interested applicants must meet all the eligibility criteria to become a nominee for the scholarship grant. Candidates are required to issue a well-formatted and clinically-oriented research and study plan, certifications and transcripts for a baccalaureate and Master’s degree, and other supporting documents.

Accordingly, applications issue in two ways. First, the students must select their preferred institution and inform them of their intent to apply to the Vanier CGS program; second, the institution initiates the nomination process by contacting the desired candidate.

Applicants must verify the remaining quotas of their selected Canadian institution before applying for the Vanier CGS grant. Candidates cannot apply directly to the scholarship program.

3. Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships

  • Link to the scholarship page
  • Scholarship Amount: bursary reward of $40,000; and a research and travel allowance up to $20,000 per year for three years
  • Degrees Offered: Ph.D.

The Government of Canada funds the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships to grant national and international students their doctoral studies in Advanced Research in Humanities and Human Sciences. The program is in honor of the 15th Prime Minister of Canada, Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau. This University of Montreal scholarship aims to finance outstanding doctoral students and at the same time build a strong pillar for an intellectual community that will guide and help the students in their scholarly studies.

The Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation will only recognize applicants with research projects on topics related to human rights & dignity, responsible citizenship, Canada & the world, and people and their natural environment.

Individuals with emerging leadership skills and broad perspective engagement with excellence in academic performance are encouraged to apply for the scholarship.

Candidates may apply directly on their online portal application.

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