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University of Padua Scholarships 2024-2022

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The University of Padua or Università Degli Studi di Padova in Italian is a public university in the city of Padua, northeastern Italy. It is the second oldest university in the country, next to the University of Bologna. It is also one of the earliest public universities in Europe and the world. As a result of the search for more academic freedom, the university was established in 1222 by scholars and students from the University of Bologna. It was originally a law school. As years pass by, more subjects became a part of its educational system. The university is also a member of the Coimbra Group, the association of historical research universities in Europe. Here, we will be looking at the University of Padua scholarships for international students.

The University of Padua has become one of the best public universities in Italy. It continues to share its ground-breaking research discoveries that help in addressing global issues, provide advanced knowledge in many scientific and research societies. It also offers a high standard of teaching and support services to its students.

The university campus offers a safe and lively international community. With staff, lecturers, and students from every corner of the world that contribute to the diversity of the campus. The city of Padua will also let students experience the rich history, culture, and art of Italy.

The University of Padua ranks in the top 242nd place of the QS World University Rankings.

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How Do I Apply to University of Padua Scholarships?

The University of Padua is an international public university that welcomes over 2,000 students from abroad every year. The University of Padua offers many scholarship opportunities to international students who will pursue their higher education in Italy.

Students applying for a Bachelor’s degree or a Single Cycle degree must have completed 12 years of primary and secondary education (or equivalent). Those with incomplete years of school records may apply for preparatory courses or present other qualifications. If they come from countries that set entrance exams for admissions at the university, students must provide their passing results.

Applicants for a Master’s degree must provide completion of their Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) and meet specific academic requirements of their chosen programs.

More detailed information for English-taught courses is available at the university’s official website.

University of Padua Scholarships for International Students

1. Padua International Excellence Scholarships

The University of Padua offers scholarships to high achieving and talented international students pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Italy. It is a competitive scholarship program with only 44 available slots. The programs will be available in English medium.

The scholarship is open to all nationalities (excluding Italian citizens). Applicants must be a graduate from a secondary school or a Master’s degree holder from an educational institution outside Italy. Furthermore, they must not be residing in Italy. Students may receive a money allowance worth €8,000 and a tuition fee waiver.

This University of Padua scholarship will cover a maximum of 2 years of full-time Master’s degree or 3 years of full-time Bachelor’s and/or Single Cycle degree of students. However, they must be paying the admission fee. There is no separate application for the scholarships. Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria will automatically receive a nomination for the scholarships. More detailed information for the application procedures will be available on the website once the application period starts again.

2. Regione Veneto Scholarships

  • Link to the scholarship page
  • Scholarship amount: tuition fee waiver and monthly allowance
  • Degrees offered: Undergraduate, Master’s, and/or Ph.D.

The Regione Veneto Scholarships are available to all Italian and international students pursuing their higher education at the University of Padua. It aims to provide opportunities to high-achieving students from low-income families. Students may also benefit from tuition fee reduction, money allowances, free or discounted student services such as accommodation, meals at the cafeterias, etc.

Those from low-income families with ISEE below €23,626.32 and ISPE below €36,399.72 are a priority. Students must gain acceptance or admission in undergraduate or postgraduate (Master’s and/or Ph.D.) programs at the university. Students should comply with the requirements and conditions in obtaining an Italian visa. They must not be recipients of other scholarships or grants and should meet the academic and additional requirements as specified in the Call.

Qualified students will receive this University of Padua scholarship in two installments during their first year. However, in the following years of their study, they will receive it once annually. The program will cover one academic year but can be renewed thereafter. Upon applying, students must provide the “Equivalent Economic Status Index (ISEE)” including the ISPE of their families. They may fill out the Richiesta di agevolazioni – Application for Benefits once the application period starts again.

3. Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Scholarships

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation will choose four international students with high academic achievements and excellent skills to receive scholarships to study at the University of Padova. Italian and international students who are permanent residents in countries outside Italy are eligible to apply. The Italian Government looks forward to fostering their cultural agreements with other countries, spreading the knowledge of the Italian language, culture, and science, and promoting the economic and technological system of the nation. The scholarships are available to students applying for postgraduate (Master’s/Ph.D.) courses or research programs at the university.

Applicants for a Master’s degree should be under 28 years old whereas, doctoral students for Ph.D. courses must not be over the age of 30. Students applying for research projects under academic supervision should be under 40 years old as well. They should present an Italian language proficiency if they are applying for Italian-taught courses. If not then, only English proficiency language is required.

Students may receive a monthly stipend of up to €900 if they receive this University of Padua scholarship. The application forms will be available on the official website when the application period starts again.

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